The Office of Audit and Consulting Services provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve UT Dallas operations.

Assurance Services

Objective examination of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment on governance, risk management, and control processes for the University.

Assurance engagements are typically chosen based on an annual risk assessment or other requirement. These engagements include:

  • Financial and Operational Audits. Designed to provide management with an independent appraisal of financial and operating activities regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Range from audits of university-wide processes to risk-based departments, centers, schools, and divisions.
  • Compliance Audits. Ensure compliance with various policies, laws, and regulations.
  • Information Technology (IT) Audits. Examine controls with an IT structure.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Advisory and client service activities, such as providing advice, training, and agreed upon procedures that are intended to add value and improve governance, risk management, and control processes.

Generally performed at specific request of management or a department and are intended to assist in solving problems, process improvements, and designing control systems. Examples include:

  • Consulting reviews of operations and processes.
  • Participation on committees and special projects, including IT implementations.
  • Providing training on internal controls, fraud, university risks.


Independent and objective Investigations of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

Audit Training and Presentations

Want to learn more about what Audit is and what we could do for your department? We have a few training opportunities for you and your team! Please contact the Chief Audit Executive if you would like for Audit to come to your department or area and give one of our presentations.

Presentation Options

Course Title: The Three F’s of Fraud: Fundamentals, Flags, and Foils

Synopsis: Universities across the country have lost millions of dollars due to fraud each year. As a member of the university community, understanding the risks of fraud and how to prevent it will help you minimize the risks of fraud occurring at UT Dallas.

Course Title: Clues to Solving the Mystery of Internal Audit

Synopsis: Is Internal Audit a mystery to you? Do you wonder what happens during an audit? Join us to solve the mystery by learning some clues about the audit process, what auditors look for, and how you can be better prepared for an audit.

Course Title: Rocking the Top 20 University Risks

Synopsis: Bad things can happen if we don’t effectively manage our risks.  That’s why it’s important for everyone to work together to manage risks with the right amount of controls in place.  Everyone shares this responsibility to help the University achieve its goals and strategic plan.

Core Values

Integrity: We exhibit trust, fairness, honestly, respect, and ethical behavior in our service to the University.

Objectivity: We perform our duties in an independent and unbiased manner based on facts obtained from informed analyses of the issues and a clear understanding of the operations.

Quality: We provide excellent, services to the University’s faculty, staff, and students to improve the operations in a value–added manner.

Innovation: We develop creative and innovative approaches to key issues facing the University.

Confidentiality: We take confidentiality seriously and do not disclose information gathered during the audit to anyone outside audit without the appropriate authority.

Collaboration: We work alongside University employees to provide services that are effective and efficient.


Audit and Consulting Services staff have a wide array of experience and continuing professional education to help provide an in-depth understanding of the University’s culture, systems, and processes.
Staff bios and contact information

Audit Internship Program

Audit and Consulting Services offers real-life internal audit work experience to select UT Dallas School of Management graduate students. Learn more about the Internal Audit Education Program.
The Office of Audit and Consulting Services partners with the Internal Auditing Partnership Program with the Naveen Jindal School of Management’s Center for Internal Auditing Excellence. Every fall and spring semester, UT Dallas graduate students taking the Internal Audit course (ACCT 6380) complete a project in which they gain internal audit work experience by partnering with UT Dallas internal auditors and other local internal audit departments.

What is the Difference between Audit and Compliance at UT Dallas?

Generally, Internal Audit is an independent assurance function that evaluates university operations in all areas: financial, operational, information technology, compliance, and other projects.
More about differences between Audit and Compliance

When to Seek Audit Assistance?

  • You have questions internal controls, such as how to separate duties; how to evaluate your operations for effectiveness and efficiency; how to safeguard your property, information; how to assess your departmental risks; how to minimize fraud risks.
  • You would like to request a change in leadership audit or a consulting review of your operations.
  • You suspect fraud.

Generally, Compliance is a management function that helps ensure compliance with policies and procedures and facilitates compliance training.

When to Seek Compliance Assistance?

  • You have questions on policies and procedures.
  • You have questions about compliance training.