Students find a great investment in attending UT Dallas. Detailed information about UT Dallas graduates' salaries and more can be found on the University of Texas System's SeekUT site.


UTD Grads Have Lower Debt Loads

U.S. News and World Report ranked UT Dallas among the top 30 in the nation for lowest student debt after graduation. Class of 2015 data shows that UT Dallas alumni owe an average of $21,174.

Percent of Graduating Seniors Who Have No Student Debt

Nation Texas UT Dallas
32% 44% 64%
Numbers based on first time in college students in the class of 2015
(Source: The Institute for College Access and Success)


"I feel that my MBA helped prepare me to recognize marketplace trends. Being able to see things through a different lens really gave me a license to take intelligent risks."

- Courtney Caldwell MBA'06, co-founder of ShearShare (named Startup of the Year)

"UT Dallas was a great place to be, one of the best choices I ever made. I found a pre-law community that shared my interests."

- Blake Eaton BA'16, recipient of a $15,000 fellowship from Phi Kappa Phi