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Strategic Plan

Measuring Progress

lab at UT Dallas

In early 2017, more than 50 faculty, staff and students collaborated and identified key actions that must be taken to continue UT Dallas’ ascent. Their work, represented in the themes and initiatives of this plan, expands the vision of the University’s founders.

Quantitative Targets

Although not every initiative can be measured directly, the following targets have been set to quantify the University’s aspirations and, ultimately, gauge their progress. From the current academic year, 2017-18, to academic year 2022-23, we seek to:

  1. Increase undergraduate enrollment from 18,388 to 23,000.
  2. Increase graduate enrollment from 9,254 to 12,000.
  3. Increase the annual number of doctoral graduates from 195 to 300.
  4. Increase the number of first-time-in-college freshmen from 3,177 to 3,900.
  5. Increase academic space from 1,781,065 square feet to 2,300,000 square feet.
  6. Increase tenure-system faculty from 580 to 710.
  7. Increase federal research expenditures from $36 million to $60 million.
  8. Increase the four-year graduation rate from 53% to 60%.
  9. Increase the six-year graduation rate from 69% to 75%.
  10. Increase the third quartile SAT score for incoming freshmen from 1420 to 1440 and the first quartile SAT score from 1230 to 1250.
  11. Increase the third quartile ACT score for incoming freshmen from 32 to 33 and the first quartile ACT score from 26 to 27.
  12. Increase the endowment from $502 million to $750 million.