Group Members


  •      Prof. Hlaing Minn

Ph.D. Students

  •      Yucheng Dai
  •      Mahmoud Abdelgelil
  •      Han Dong
  •      Ayon Quayum
  •      Zhixuan Fan

Master Students


Former Students & Post-Doc.

Ph.D. Graduates

  •      Dr. Xiaoyu Fu (now Asso. Prof. at UESTC, China)
  •      Dr. Yinghui Li (now with LitePoint, CA)
  •      Dr. Dandan Wang (jointly supervise with Dr. Al-Dhahir) (now with Nokia, NJ)
  •      Dr. Jianqiang Zeng (now with Halliburton, Houston, TX)
  •      Dr. Balachander Narasimhan (jointly supervise with Dr. Al-Dhahir) (now with Mediatek, San Jose, CA)
  •      Dr. Balkan Kecicioglu (now with CableLabs, Louisville, CO)
  •      Dr. Wenxun (Xavier) Qiu (now with Samsung, Richardson, TX)
  •      Dr. Daniel Munoz (now with USPTO, Alexandria, VA)
  •      Dr. Baile Xie (now with Fish & Richardson P.C., Dallas, TX)
  •      Dr. Varma Gottumukkala (now with Qualcomm, San Diego, CA)
  •      Dr. Pochun Yen (A-DATA Technology, Taiwan)
  •      Dr. Qi Zhan (now with Samsung, San Diego, CA)
  •      Dr. Amin Khansefid (now with Qualcomm, San Diego, CA)
  •      Dr. Yahia Ramadan (now with Intel, Santa Clara, CA)

Master Graduates

  •      Trent Jacobs (now with Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO)
  •      Daniel Munoz (continued to get Ph.D., now with USPTO, Alexandria, VA)

Former PostDoc

  •      Dr. Yanxin Na (now with Cisco, Richardson, TX)
  •      Dr. Shu Feng (Asso. Prof., Nanjing University of SCI & TECH., China)