CS6360 Database Design

Instructor: John Cole Section 004 Monday/Wednesday 8:30 to 9:45 AM
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 10:00AM to 11:00AM and 1:00PM to 2:00PM
Room: ECSS 2.201

Teaching Assistant: Haan Mo Johng
Office hours: Monday/Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:15 in the open lab, ECSS 2.103B1.

Last update: 9/20/2016
Syllabus is on Coursebook Schedule
Textbook: Fundamentals of Database Systems, Seventh edition, by Elmasri and Navathe

This is the graduate course in Database Design.  Although material such as SQL will be covered, there will be an emphasis on the internals of database management systems as well as theory, such as normal forms and relational algebra.  You will write quite a bit of code for this course.

Code to connect to SQL Server
Code to connect to MySQL

Exam Rules

In-Class Notes.  These are what I wrote using WordPad during class, if any.  I cannot post the slides from the text because they are copyrighted material.  They're just a dilute form of the book anyway.