External Links
Scott Adams on How to Get a Real Education (from The Wall Street Journal)
Computer Science Education article from EE Times (The author, Robert Dewar, was my thesis advisor)
Why Aren't Engineering Students Happier? Because It's Hard.
Video of Dr. Ben Carson's speech at the White House Prayer Breakfast, 2/8/2013  (Great points on education)
Video of Brett Victor talking about Inventing on Principle (about an hour, and worth it.)  3/1/2013
Java Swing Tutorials, straight from the source's mouth.  These are Sun's, and very good. 2/6/2014
Don't follow your passion.  Become passionate about somthing useful, since just following your passion is generally a good way to go broke.  Funny and useful PragerU video.
The Age of Privacy had a good run, but it's over.  Here is a blog entry with interesting links to see just how much Google, Facebook, and the rest know about you: https://twitter.com/iamdylancurran/status/977559925680467968