Welcome to my personal page.

I am a post-doctoral research associate with Erik Jonsson School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas, working on the design of Robust and Trusted Analog/RF Integrated Circuits and Systems, with Professor Yiorgos Makris. I received my Diploma of Engineering, Master of Science and PhD Degrees at the School of Electronic & Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece, under the supervision of Professor Matthias Bucher. During my PhD, I received a Heracleitus II scholarship, co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and Greek national funds.

You can download my complete CV here.


  • 02/2019: New paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security: "Demonstrating and Mitigating the Risk of a FEC-based Hardware Trojan in Wireless Networks"
  • 12/2018: New paper accepted in VTS 2019: "Analog Performance Locking through Neural Network-Based Biasing"
  • 10/2018: New paper in ITC 2018: "Hardware Dithering: A Run-Time Method for Trojan Neutralization in Wireless Cryptographic ICs"
  • 04/2018: Kiruba Subramani is awarded with the Best Hardware Demo in HOST 2018: "Performance Randomization for Preventing Hardware Trojan Attacks in Analog/RF Circuits"
  • 01/2018: New book chapter in The Hardware Trojan War: "Hardware Trojans in Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF ICs"
  • 07/2017: New paper accepted in IEEE Design & Test: "Trusted Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF ICs: A Survey and a Perspective"
  • 06/2017: New paper in ICCAD 2017: "ACE: Adaptive Channel Estimation for Detecting Analog/RF Trojans in WLAN Transceivers"
  • 05/2017: Invited paper in ETS 2017: "Security and Trust in the Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Domain: A Survey and a Perspective"
  • 02/2017: New paper in HOST 2017: "INFECT: INconspicuous FEC-based Trojan: a Hardware Attack on an 802.11a/g Wireless Network"
  • 01/2017: New paper in VTS 2017: "Knob Non-Idealities in Learning-Based Post-Production Tuning of Analog/RF ICs: Impact & Remedies"
  • 11/2016: New paper in DATE 2017: "Information Flow Tracking in Analog/Mixed-Signal Designs through Proof-Carrying Hardware IP"
  • 04/2016: New paper in IEEE Design & Test: "Toward Silicon-Based Cognitive Neuromorphic ICs: A Survey"
  • 01/2016: New paper in VTS 2016: "On-Die Learning-Based Self-Calibration of Analog/RF ICs"