Andrian (Andi) Marcus, Ph.D.

Courses at the University of Texas at Dallas (2014-present)

  • CS/SE3354 Software Engineering
  • CS/SE6301 Special Topics in Computer Science: Software Analysis and Comprehension
  • CS/SE6356/SYSM6308 Software Maintenance, Evolution and Re-engineering

Courses at Wayne State University (2003-14)

  • CSC2200 Computer Science II
  • CSC4110 Intro. to Software Engineering
  • CSC4996 Senior Project and Computer Ethics
  • CSC4997 Senior Project Lab
  • CSC6110 Advanced Software Engineering
  • CSC6140 Knowledge Based Software Engineering
  • CSC7110 Software Engineering Environments
  • CSC8110 Seminar in Softw. Eng. and Environments

Courses at Babes-Bolyai University (2005-06)

  • Design Patterns - undergraduate
  • Component Based Programming - undergraduate
  • Component Based Software Development - graduate

Courses at the University of Memphis (1998-2001)

  • CS1900 Introduction to programming
  • CS2150 Data Structures