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My research has concerned, first the function of the middle ear and the cochlea, then the neuroscience of the auditory system, somatosensory and visual systems and of hyperactive motor disorders. I have used systems identification methods such as Winer kernel analysis of recordings from single nerve cells in the cochlear nucleus using pseudorandom noise stimuli. I have developed computer algorithms for automatic identification of human chromosomes, I discovered the role of protuberances on the eyes of certain insects and I have studied the electrical potentials of the eye.  More recently I have studied neuroplasticity and its role in disorders such as tinnitus, hyperacusis and hyperactive motor disorders. I am particularly interested in the role of neuroplasticity in disorders such as severe tinnitus, chronic neuropathic pain and spasticity and muscle spasm.  I have also  studied the role of the non-classical auditory pathways and their involvement in disorders such as tinnitus.
I developed methods for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, especially for preserving the function of cranial nerves. The use of these methods has reduced the risk of serious complications such as loss of the function of mimic muscles from  damage to the facial nerve in surgical operations to remove vestibular Schwannoma. These methods have also reduced the risks of serious complications in many other operations in the brain such as operations for large skull base tumors.
I am the author of 17 (single author) professional books on the anatomy and physiology of sensory systems, hearing science, neuroscience of pain, intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring and neuroplasticity. My most recent book is "Neuroplasticity and its Dark Sides: Disorders of the Nervous System". I have been editor or co-editor of seven published books, most recently, "Textbook of Tinnitus", published by Springer 2010,  95 chapters and 785 pages. One of my books have been translated to Japanese and two have been translated to Chinese.  I am the author or co-author of more than 200 articles in refereed journals, more than 100 book chapters. I was Editor-in-Chief (and founder) of the international journal, Hearing Research for 27 years (1978-2005); I am member of the Editorial Board of many other international journals.
I am interested in teaching and I have developed new courses and have been writing books that are used in teaching. At The University of Texas I have developed courses such as "Biology of Pain", "Sensory Systems", "Neural Plastic and Disorders of the Nervous System", "Functional Human Neuroanatomy" and Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring" that I teach in the Neuroscience Program of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences.
I am involved in tinnitus research through my involvement with the international research organization "Tinnitus Research Initiative" (TRI). I organized the TRI Annual Conference in 2010 here in Dallas, and I am Chairman of the TRI Foundation.






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