These are the places I've lived:

  • Dallas County, Texas
    • Dallas
    • Garland
    • Richardson
  • Bexar County, Texas
    • San Antonio
    • Leon Valley
  • Atascosa County, Texas
    • Avant
    • Jourdanton
    • Poteet / Somerset
    • Charlotte
  • Maricopa County, Arizona
    • Phoenix
    • Glendale
  • Collin County, Texas
    • Dallas
    • Richardson

Avant isn't actually a town, it's a community south of Jourdanton, that included my grandparent's ranch. I also didn't live in the city limits of Poteet, but several miles north of it. Our mail came through Poteet, and we went to school in Somerset. We were on the edge of the school district lines.

The counties are in chronological order per first occurence. The cities are in order per county. I've lived in some of the cities more than once. You can follow the timeline, if you wish.

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