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What's a web without information? -- Normal.
I present to you my abnormal web. By using the handy links you'll find on the left side of most of my pages you can get information on

  • my personal life - Bio,
  • my career - Work,
  • my hobbies - Play,
  • my web-design projects - Web,
  • miscellaneous topics - Misc,

  • and, of course,
  • this information - Home.

Of course, I don't actually require anyone to be serious about web surfing, because I certainly am not. Browse, have fun. And if you think this is all a waste of time, what are you looking at web pages for in the first place? Go play frisbee or something.

I'm lazy, so I'm putting the link to the web comics I read on my front page.

Thanks for visiting my web. Feel free to send me feedback by email, at asimpson@utdallas.edu.

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