I'm insanely addicted to Amtgard, a club dedicated to medieval/fantasy recreation. I've been doing it for almost as long as I've been in college. It's almost free, good exercise, and an immense amount of fun, in my humble opinion.

Of course, I have to have geek hobbies too, because you can't spend too much time in front of a computer. I don't play very many of the modern, 3d, etc. games. One game I enjoy is ADOM. It's a roguelike, which means it has simple, text-based graphics, but its not necessarily easy to beat. I've been known to spend time on MUDs and MUSHes. I don't find as much time for them as I used to. I regularly read and post to USENET, and one of my favourite groups is alt.pub.coffeehouse.amethyst. And I guess most of the web development I've done also counts as a hobby. Whee!

There are many other things I enjoy doing, but none that I can think of now that I particpate in extensively. I don't go to clubs or movies or parties or anything exciting like that very often, but I've got quite a few friends that I go out with regularly. So, can I say I have a life?

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