I am fortunate enough to be paid to be a geek- specifically a UNIX sysadmin. Officially, I'm a Software Systems Specialist III, otherwise know as a Systems Administrator for the UNIX and Network Services Group, of Communication and Technical Services, of Information Resources, at The University of Texas at Dallas. I mostly work with Sun Solaris, and have a little experience with Mac OS X, Red Hat, and FreeBSD. I've held this position since 1 August, 1998, and I love it. The work is challenging, the environment is nice, my coworkers and bosses are great, and I've not once had to wear a tie. Before that I was Head Computer Assistant at the Student UNIX lab, and before that I held various jobs in food service and retail.

I finally graduated from UTD on 22 May, 1999, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I'd been attending UTD since Fall '93. I took the scenic tour.

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