With more than 30 PhDs and Postdocs, our team has successfully delivered 40+ industry sponsored projects and directly contributed to new products & features.


We are actively seeking industry partners to collaborate on :


- Motor Drives,

- Power Electronics Systems, 

- Power Semiconductors & Gate Drivers

- Sensors and AI Applications.





. I received Innovation  Award from Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), 23'

. Our team received Prize Transaction Paper Award (2nd Place), IEEE JESTPE, 23'   

. Our team received Prize Transaction Paper Award (1st Place), IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, by IEEE IAS IPCSD, 23'

. Our team member Bhanu Vankayalapati received David Daniel Best Doctoral Dissertation Award 22' - best disst. of Engineering School.

. Our team member Fei Yang is selected as  IEEE PELS Ph.D. Thesis Award Winner, 21'

. Our team received Prize Transaction Paper Award (2nd Place), IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 20'

. I received Faculty Research Award from Jonsson Engineering School, 20'

. I received Excellence in Teaching Award from Jonsson Engineering School, 19'

. I received Top Editors Recognition Award from IEEE Transactions on VT , 18'

. Our team received Prize Transaction Paper Award (1st Place), IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 18'

. I received Outstanding Editor Award from IEEE Transactions on IAS - TSC, 17'

. Our team received Best Paper Award at IEEE IAS Annual Meeting 16’

. Our team member S. Dusmez received David Daniel Best Doctoral Dissertation Award 16' - best disst. of Engineering School.

. I've been  selected as Distinguished Lecturer by IEEE VT Society, 16'

. Our research paper is selected as cover story of IEEE PE Magazine, June, 16'

. I received National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award, 15'

. I received Jonsson Engineering School Faculty Research Award, 15'




Positions Available for Graduate Students / Post Docs

We are looking for PhD students/Post Docs in Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems areas to pursue their degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering program at University of Texas, Dallas. 

The candidates will have priority if they have: 

1. Work or research experience in wide-bandgap power semiconductors, power electronics/systems.

2.  Work or research experience in motor drives design, control, fault diagnostic.
3. Hands-on lab experience, PCB design, microcontroller programming experience or Finite Element Modeling (FEM) .
4. Experience in applications of machine learning, control theory, estimation theory or signal processing to power electronics. 

Competitive graduate assistantships with full tuition waivers are available for qualified students. GRE and TOEFL scores are NOT mandotory.

Please contact Dr. Bilal Akin at bilal.akin@utdallas.edu with your resume. For more information about the graduate program at UTD ECE, please visit http://www.utdallas.edu/admissions/graduate/





. Fault Diagnosis & Condition Monitoring of Power Electronics Components and Drive Systems

. Control of Electric Motors & Drives, Self-Comissioning, Auto-Tuning and Sensorless Control of AC Drives

. Power Electronics, Digital Power Control and Management
. Applications of Control Theory, Machine Learning and Signal Processing to Energy Conversion Systems


. University of Texas, Dallas (2012- present)   /    Electrical Engineering Department


. Texas Instruments (4.5 years)  /  C2000 Microcontrollers Group, Systems and Applications Engineer 

. Toshiba International Corporation (3 years)   /  Motor Drive Group, R&D Engineer





- All publications


- Power Electronics Reliability, Control and Circuits Papers


- AC Drives & Motors Control and Condition Monitoring Papers




-Akshay Deshmukh, PhD Candidate

-Andrew Timm, PhD Candidate

-L. Emre Efe, PhD Candidate

-Mojtaba Afshar, PhD Candidate

-Mohammed Fahad, PhD Candidate

-Muhammed Ajmal, PhD Candidate

-Mustafa M Sezer, PhD Candidate

-Sritam Jena, PhD Candidate

-Rahman Sajadi, PhD Candidate



-Ertugrul Ates, Visiting Scholar 23'

-Guoxin Zhao, Visiting Scholar, 20'

-Amir Parsapour, Research Assc, 19'

-Shuai Zhao, Visiting Scholar 18'

-Cheng Shu, Visiting Scholar 18'-19'

-Sejir Khojet ElKhil, Fullbright Scholar 17'

-Taner Goktas, Visiting Scholar, 14',16'

-Emine Bostanci, Research Assc., 16', 17'

-Hakan Akca, Visiting Scholar, 16'

-Shashkanka Doddomani, Research Assc.15'-16'

-Harsh Vardhan, Research Assc., 14'-16'

-Bashir Ebrahimi, Visiting Scholar, 14'




-Masoud Farhadi, PhD 23'              Texas Instruments

-Chen Li, PhD 22'                            Texas Instruments

-Bhanu Vankayalapati, PhD 22'      Texas Instruments

-Saurabh Kumar, PhD 22'               Halliburton

-Kudra Baruti, PhD 21'                    Nidec 

-Chi Xu, PhD 21'                             Texas Instruments

-Shi Pu, PhD , 21'                            Monolithic Power Systems, MPS  

-Vignesh Gurusamy, PhD 21          Comsol

-Fei Yang, PhD 20',                         Texas Instruments

-Enes Ugur, PhD 19',                      Wolfspeed/Cree

-Feyzullah Erturk, PhD 19',             Eaton

-Yuan Qi, PhD 18',                          Halliburton

-Syed Huzaif Ali, PhD 18',              BorgWarner

-Mohsen Zafarani, PhD 18',           ASML

-Manish Bhardwaj, PhD 18',          Tesla

-Zhuangyao Tang, PhD 17',           Texas Instruments

-Serkan Dusmez, PhD 16',            Texas Instruments

-Xiong Li, PhD 15',                         Google




-Nathan Zhang, 21',                        ABB

-Rahul Kaushik, 14',                       Qorvo Inc.