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Research interests: sourcing and procurement, supply chain management, and innovative operations

Published/forthcoming papers
  1. Bin Hu, Zhankun Sun. 2020. Managing self-replicating innovative goods. Forthcoming at Management Science.
  2. Bin Hu, Ming Hu, Han Zhu. 2020. Surge pricing and two-sided temporal responses in ride-hailing. Forthcoming at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  3. Bin Hu, Yunke Mai, Saša Pekeč. 2020. Managing Innovation Spillover in Outsourcing. Production and Operations Management 29(10) 2252-2267.
  4. Adem Orsdemir, Bin Hu, Vinayak Deshpande. 2019. Ensuring corporate social and environmental responsibility through vertical integration and horizontal sourcing. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 21(2) 251-477.
  5. Bin Hu, Anyan Qi. 2018. Optimal procurement mechanisms for assembly. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 20(4) 655-666.
  6. Li Chen, Bin Hu. 2017. Is reshoring better than offshoring? The effect of offshore supply dependence. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 19(2) 166-184.
  7. Bin Hu, Ming Hu, Yi Yang. 2017. Open or closed? Technology sharing, supplier investment, and competition. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 19(1) 132-149.
  8. Bin Hu, Dimitris Kostamis. 2014. Managing supply disruptions when sourcing from reliable and unreliable suppliers. Production and Operations Management 24(5) 808-820.
  9. Izak Duenyas, Bin Hu, Damian Beil. 2013. Simple auctions for supply contracts. Management Science 59(10) 2332-2342.
  10. Bin Hu, Damian Beil, Izak Duenyas. 2013. Price-quoting strategies of an upstream supplier. Management Science 59(9) 2093-2110.
  11. Bin Hu, Izak Duenyas, Damian Beil. 2013. Does pooling purchases lead to higher profits? Management Science 59(7) 1576-1593.
  12. Bin Hu, Saif Benjaafar. 2009. Partitioning of servers in queueing systems during rush hour. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 11(3) 416-428.
Working papers
  1. Zheng Han, Bin Hu, Milind Dawande. Curbing emissions: environmental regulations and product offerings across markets. 1st review at Management Science.
  2. Chuanya Jiao, Bin Hu. Showrooming, webrooming, and operational strategies for competitiveness. 1st review at Management Science.
  3. Andrew Davis, Anyan Qi, Kyle Hyndman, Bin Hu. Procurement for assembly under asymmetric information: theory and evidence. 4th review at Management Science.
  4. Liying Mu, Bin Hu, A Amarender Reddy, Srinagesh Gavirneni. G2G contracts for India's pulses importing. 1st revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.
  5. Yunke Mai, Bin Hu, Saša Pekeč. Courteous or crude? Managing user conduct to improve on-demand service platform performance. Reject and resubmit at Management Science.
    • Second Place, 2018 IBM Best Student Paper Award for Service Science
Papers in preparation
Invited research seminar/webinar presentations
  1. University of Minnesota at Twin Cities, Carlson School of Management, 2020
  2. City University of Hong Kong, College of Business, 2020
  3. Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, 2020
  4. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, College of Business, 2020
  5. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai College of Economics and Management, 2020
  6. University of Science and Technology of China, School of Management, 2019
  7. University of Texas at Dallas, Department of Mathematics, 2018
  8. University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Business Administration, 2018
  9. Temple University, Fox School of Business, 2018
  10. University of California Riverside, School of Business, 2018
  11. Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business, 2018
  12. University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management, 2018
  13. University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business, 2017
  14. Purdue University, Krannert School of Management, 2017
  15. University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business, 2017
  16. South China University of Technology, School of Business Administration, 2017
  17. Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School, 2017
  18. University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management, 2016
  19. University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, 2016
  20. University of California at San Diego, Rady School of Management, 2016
  21. University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management, 2016
  22. University of Delaware, Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, 2016
  23. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Statistics and Operations Research, 2016
  24. Cornell University, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, 2016
  25. Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business, 2016
  26. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Statistics and Operations Research, 2014
  27. Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, 2014
  28. New York University, Stern School of Business, 2011
  29. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School, 2011
  30. University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, 2011
  31. Cornell University, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, 2010
  32. Dartmouth College, Tuck School of Business, 2010
  33. George Washington University, School of Business, 2010
  34. University of Kansas, School of Business, 2010