Journal Publications

p63 and SOX2 dictate glucose reliance and metabolic vulnerabilities in squamous cell carcinoma.
Hsieh MH, Choe JH, Gadhvi J, Kim YJ, Arguez MA, Palmer M, Gerold H, Nowak C, Do H, Mazambani S, Knighton JK, Cha M, Goodwin J, Kang MK, Jeong JY, Lee SY, Faubert B, Xuan Z, Abel ED, Scafoglio C, Shackelford DB, Minna JD, Singh PK, Shulaev V, Bleris L, Hoyt K, Kim J, Inoue M, DeBarardinis RJ, Kim TH, Kim JW.
Cell Reports, 28(7), 2019. URL

CRISPR-based editing reveals edge-specific effects in biological networks.
Li, Y., Nowak, C., Withers, D., Pertsemlidis, A., L. Bleris
The CRISPR Journal, 2018. URL
bioRxiv, 2018. URL

Regulating the Uptake of Viral Nanoparticles in Macrophage and Cancer Cells by via a pH Switch.
Lee, H., Benjamin, C.E., Nowak, C.M., Tuong, L.H., Welch, R.P., Chen, Z., Dharmarwardana, M., Murray, K.W., Bleris, L., D'Arcy, S., Gassensmith, J.J.
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2018. URL

Nitroxyl Modified Tobacco Mosaic Virus as a Metal-Free High-Relaxivity MRI and EPR Active Superoxide Sensor.
Dharmarwardana, M., Martins, A.F., Chen, Z., Palacios, P.M., Nowak, C.M., Welch, R.P., Li, S., Luzuriaga, M.A., Bleris, L., Pierce, B.S., Sherry, A.D., Gassensmith, J.J.
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2018. URL

Mapping the operational landscape of microRNAs in synthetic gene circuits.
Quarton, T., K. Ehrhardt, J. Lee, S. Kannan, Y. Li, L. Ma, L. Bleris
npj Systems Biology and Applications, 2018. URL
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Techniques and strategies employing engineered transcription factors.
Lawson, S. and L. Bleris
Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering, 4:152-162, 2017. URL

Guide RNA engineering for versatile Cas9 functionality.
Nowak, C. S. Lawson, M. Zerez, L. Bleris
Nucleic Acids Research, 2016. URL

Exploiting the CRISPR/Cas9 PAM constraint for single-nucleotide resolution interventions
Li, Y., Mendiratta, S., Ehrhardt, K., Kashyap, N., White, M. A. and L. Bleris
PLoS ONE, 11(1), 2016. URL
Editorís Picks

MiR-192-mediated positive feedback loop controls the robustness of stress-induced p53 oscillations in breast cancer cells.
Moore, R., H. K. Ooi, T. Kang, L. Bleris and L. Ma
PLoS Computational Biology, 11(12), 2015. URL

Discriminating direct and indirect connectivities in biological networks.
Kang, T., R. Moore, Y. Li, E. Sontag, L. Bleris
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 112, 41, 2015. URL
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Reconfigurable hybrid interface for molecular marker diagnostics and in-situ reporting.
Ehrhardt, K. Guinn, M., Quarton, T., Zhang, M. Q., L. Bleris
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2015. URL

CRISPR-based self-cleaving mechanism for controllable gene delivery in human cells.
Moore, R., A. Spinhirne, M. Lai, S. Preisser, Y. Li, T. Kang, L. Bleris
Nucleic Acids Research, 2015. URL
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Assembly and validation of versatile transcription activator-like effector libraries.
Li, Y., K. Ehrhardt, M. Q. Zhang, L. Bleris
Scientific Reports 4:4857, 2014. URL

A Biological 2-input decoder circuit in human cells.
Guinn, M. and L. Bleris
ACS Synthetic Biology, 2014. URL

Transcription activator-like effectors: A toolkit for synthetic biology.
Moore, R., A. Chandrahas, L. Bleris
ACS Synthetic Biology, 2014. URL

Synthetic mammalian transgene negative autoregulation.
Shimoga, V.*, J. White*, Y. Li, E. Sontag, L. Bleris
Molecular Systems Biology, 9:670, 2013. URL
(*equal contribution)

Reverse engineering validation using a benchmark synthetic gene circuit in human cells.
Kang, T., J. White, Z. Xie, Y. Benenson, E. Sontag, L. Bleris
ACS Synthetic Biology, 2 (5), 2013. URL

Transcripts for combined synthetic microRNA and gene delivery.
Kashyap, N., B. Pham, Z. Xie, L. Bleris
Molecular BioSystems, 9, 2013. URL

Transcription activator-like effector hybrids for conditional control and rewiring of chromosomal transgene expression.
Li, Y., R. Moore, M. Guinn, L. Bleris
Scientific Reports 2:897, 2012. URL

MicroRNA circuits for transcriptional logic.
Leisner, M., L. Bleris, J. Lohmueller, Z. Xie, Y. Benenson.
Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 813, Part 2, 2012. URL

Synthetic incoherent feedforward circuits show adaptation to the amount of their genetic template.
Bleris, L., Z. Xie, D. Glass, A. Adadey, E. Sontag, Y. Benenson
Molecular Systems Biology 7, 2011. URL

Linear control theory for gene network modeling.
Shin Y. J. and L. Bleris.
PLoS One, 5(9), 2010. URL

Rationally designed logic integration of regulatory signals in mammalian cells.
Leisner, M., L. Bleris, J. Lohmueller, Z. Xie, Y. Benenson.
Nature Nanotechnology 5, 2010.

Logic integration of mRNA signals by an RNAi-based molecular computer.
Xie, Z., S. J. Liu, L. Bleris, Y. Benenson.
Nucleic Acids Research 38(8):2692-701. 2010.

A System-on-a-Chip Implementation for Embedded Real-Time Model Predictive Control.
Vouzis, P. D., L. Bleris, M. G. Arnold, M. V. Kothare.
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 17:5, 1006-1017, 2009.

A universal RNAi-based logic evaluator that operates in mammalian cells.
Rinaudo, K.*, L. Bleris*, R. Maddamsetti, S. Subramanian, R. Weiss, Y. Benenson.
Nature Biotechnology 25, 795-801, 2007
(*equal contribution)

Pathways for Optimization-based Drug Delivery Systems and Devices.
Bleris, L., P. D. Vouzis, J. G. Garcia, M. G. Arnold, M. V. Kothare.
Control Engineering Practice, Volume 15, Issue 10, October 2007, Pages 1280-1291

Model Predictive Hydrodynamic Regulation of Microflows.
Bleris, L., J. G. Garcia, M. G. Arnold., M. V. Kothare.
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 16, 1792-1799, 2006.

Towards Embedded Model Predictive Control for System-On-a-Chip Applications.
Bleris, L, J. G. Garcia, M. V. Kothare, M. G. Arnold.
Journal of Process Control, 16, 255-264, Mar. 2006.

Reduced Order Distributed Boundary Control of Thermal Transients in Microsystems.
Bleris, L. and M. V. Kothare.
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 13:6, 853-867, 2005.

Low-Order Empirical Modeling of Distributed Parameter Systems Using Temporal and Spatial Eigenfunctions.
Bleris, L. and M. V. Kothare.
Computers & Chemical Engineering, 29, 817-827, 2005.