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GIS and Remote Sensing Resources on the Internet

This general overview of GIS resources on the Internet is intended to be an illustrative list of major sites, used in conjunction with my courses and as a reference for students, rather than a comprehensive coverage. See some of the referenced sites for more comprehensive guides. Ron Briggs.  



Top Spots for GIS Data & Info.





Geography in the Information Age

What's Happening in GIS--"trade rags" and others


GIS Education

GIS Jobs and Careers

Career Info

DFW GIS Job Sites

National GIS Job Sites

GIS Internet Resource Guides

Note: Many of the university centers listed below also have lists of useful sites.

Major University GIS Centers

Other University GIS Centers

Free GIS Software

Major GIS Software Vendors

GIS Packages

Specialized Packages

Note: For more comprehensive lists, see commercial directories such as's  GeoDirectory

Professional Associations

Journals and Proceedings (*UTD has subscription)

GIS Journals and Proceedings

Remote Sensing Journals and Proceedings

General Geography Journals containing GIS papers

GIS Data Sources: government and non-profit

 US Geological Survey
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  US Bureau of the Census Federal Mission Agencies  Sites with Census Data Digital Chart of the World (the first digital world map) Canadian GIS data Texas/DFW specific

GIS Data Sources: commercial

Spatial Data

Note:  See below for Satellite Imagery and GPS sources

Attribute Data

Satellite Imagery Sources and Programs

Commercial Satellite owners

Commercial Imagery and Services Suppliers


US Government Satellite Programs

Other Country's Programs

GPS Data, Vendors and Information


General Guides to Federal On-line Info (not GIS specific)

Data Standards

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