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Streamflow/Stream Gauging (Lab 2)

The goal of this field exercise is to determine the discharge (volume of water per cross-sectional area per time) of a stream at several locations. Any variability in measured discharge with distance downstream will be analyzed for its hydrologic significance. The stream is shallow, slow-moving, and has an artificial bottom (i.e. a very safe setting).

We will meet initially in Heard Museum Science Center for an introduction to the equipment and concepts that we'll be using. Then we will walk to Cottonwood Creek (on the UTD campus) at the gazebo downstream from the footbridge east of the library (see map, Fig. 3.1).

Figure 3.1: Airphoto of upper Cottonwood Creek on UTD campus. Gauging and chemical sampling are carried out along the portion of the stream near the center of the photograph.
Image utd_cottonwoodCreek_photo_lowQ


GEOS 3110 Professor's Notes, Summer 2007
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