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Dr. Lawrence Chung is the principal author of the research monograph "Non-Functional Requirements in Software Engineering" [scholarly impact/citations], which has been adopted and applied by many researchers and used by practitioners in a wide area of software engineering research and practice, including Requirements Engineering  [relative scholarly impact/citations] and more broadly Software Engineering [relative scholarly impact/citations], as well as System/Software Architecture. His research involves, among other things, the use of a conceptual modeling approach.


Dr. Chung has also been working on the development of tool kits. “RE-Tools”, which has been developed in his lab., has been downloaded highly from a large number of countries [download statistics] [a short video clip] for research, education and industrial use.  Another tool kit under development, CAT (Component-Aware Technology)/CARE (Component-Aware Requirements Engineering), concerns development, and reuse, of software components.


He has been working on a variety of applications, including collaborative, ubiquitous computing. One particular application, HOPE [download statistics], is a smartphone application for people (elderly) with hearing, speech, vision and memory loss or muscle weakness.  Another application, HACS, is a home appliance control system, which concerns controlling and managing various types of home appliances, for example, for energy savings and home security. 


Silverlining is another key project, involving a team of both internal and external researchers, on forecasting and benchmarking Cloud Computing, as an increasingly importanct concern in Systems of Systems Engineering - supported by Google Inc., NTT Data and NSF-IUCRC.


He has been a keynote speaker, an invited lecturer, a co-editor-in-chief for International Journal of Software Innovation (IJSI) and for International Journal of Big Data Intelligence and Applications (IJBDIA), an associate editor for the Requirements Engineering Journal (REJ), an editor for the ETRI journal, an editorial board member for International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing (IJNDS), and a program co-chair for various international events. 


He is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas.  He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1993 from University of Toronto, where he had previously received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees. He stayed there as a Lecturer for a year. He also participated in a Business Process Reengineering project at Andersen Consulting, Chicago, before joining UTD.


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Some Professional Events and Organizations (to be updated)

 First Joint WOSP/SIPEW International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE), San Jose, CA, January 2010



 International Workshop on Requirement Analysis’08



 Workshop on Quality Management of Service (QuaSM-08)







 The First IEEE International Workshop on Development and Application of Knowledge Based Software Engineering Tool (KASET)

 2nd Int. Working Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering (ENASE 2007)




 6th IWSSA, 2007




 SAIC’06 IEEE 1st International Workshop on Software Architectures and Components Integration (IEEE SACI 2006) 

 UKC’06 - ICTS

 IRMA, Washington, 2006

 ICIS 2006



 Baltic DB&IS 2006

 5th IWSSA, 2006

 ICCBSS 2006, Feb. 12-17, Orlando, Florida

 CAINE-2005,  Hawaii, Nov, 11-12, 2005

 SERA’05, Michigan, August 11-13, 2005

 ICIS’05, Jeju Island, Korea, July 14-16, 2005

 IWSSA’05 (4th International Workshop on System/Software Architectures), Las Vegas, NV

 SNPD’05 (6th International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing), Baltimore, MD

 ICSE-MPEC’05 (2nd International Workshop on Models and Processes for the Evaluation of OTS Components), St. Louise, Missouri

 WOSP’05 (5th International Workshop on Software and Performance)

 COMSAR’05 (IEEE International Workshop on Component-Based Software Engineering, Software Architecture, and Reuse)

  KOCSEA, from 2004 until present KOCSEA, 2003 and previous

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