Course Syllabus

Homework Assignments


Tentative Schedule

Date Topic(s) Reading Assignment Tasks Due
08/30 Introduction to real-time system
Chapter 1;

J. Stankovic, "Misconceptions about real-time computing", IEEE Computer, 1988.

Concepts and reference models Chapters 2 & 3 Email me your research interests by next Wednsday.
09/06 Static scheduling (cyclic executives) Chapter 5
Static scheduling (continued)
09/13 Dynamic-priority scheduling Chapter 4, Section 6;

Chapter 6, Section 3;

Dynamic-priority scheduling (continued) Nonpreemptive EDF from:

K. Jeffay, D. Stanat, and C. Martel, "On non-preemptive scheduling of periodic and sporadic tasks," RTSS, 1991.

Student Presentation: LITMUSRT: A Status Report (Satyam Kotikalapudi)
09/20 Static-priority scheduling Chapter 6, Section 4;

Chapter 6, Section 7;

Chapter 6, Sections 5 & 6

Homework assignment 1 is due.
Static-priority scheduling (continued)
Student Presentation: The Evolution of Real-Time Linux (Srivatsan Varadarajan)
09/27 Dealing with complexities arising in real systems
Chapter 6, Section 8. Step 1 of the project is due.
Student Presentation: Internals of the RT Patch (Gurudutt Narasimha)
10/04 Real-time operating systems Chapter 12, Sections 1, 2, 6, & 7.
Student Presentation: Evaluating Android OS for Embedded Real-Time Systems (Tao Xue)
10/11 (W) Real-time operating systems (continued) Homework assignment 2 is due.
Student Presentation: Gdev: First-Class GPU Resource Management in the Operating System (Haoxuan Guo)
10/18 NPC review Step 3 of the project is due.
Intractibility results Dynamic-priority systems from:

S. Baruah, R. Howell, and L. Rosier, "Feasibility problems for recurring tasks on one processor," Theoretical Computer Science, 1993.

F. Eisenbrand and T. Rothvoss, "EDF-schedulability of synchronous periodic task systems is coNP-hard," SODA, 2010.

Static-priority systems from:

J. Leung and J. Whitehead, "On the complexity of fixed-priority scheduling of periodic, real-time tasks," Performance Evaluation, 1982.

F. Eisenbrand and T. Rothvoss, "Static-priority real-time scheduling: response time computation is NP-hard," RTSS, 2008.

Nonpreemptive systems from:

K. Jeffay, D. Stanat, and C. Martel, "On non-preemptive scheduling of periodic and sporadic tasks," RTSS 1991.

Student Presentation: RealTime Dynamic Voltage Scaling for LowPower Embedded Operating Systems (Prashant Shidlyali)
10/25 Resource sharing Motivation: Mike Jones, "What really happended on Mars Rover Pathfinder."

Chapter 8.

Student Presentation: Group Ratio Round-Robin: O(1) Proportional Share Scheduling for Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor Systems (Basant Khati)
11/01 End-to-end scheduling in distributed real-time systems Chapter 7, Sections 1 - 4.
Student Presentation: RT-Xen: Towards Real-time Hypervisor Scheduling in Xen (Gbadebo Ayoade)
11/08 Mixing real-time and non-real-time
Student Presentation: Energy-Efficient Soft Real-Time CPU Scheduling for Mobile Multimedia Systems (Tanmaya Kumar Patel)
11/15 Mixing real-time and non-real-time (continued)
Student Presentation: Offset-Based Response Time Analysis of Distributed Systems Scheduled under EDF (Binita Sinha)
11/22 (F) Mixing real-time and non-real-time (continued)
Student Presentation: Stratified Round Robin: A Low Complexity Packet Scheduler with Bandwidth Fairness and Bounded Delay (Joseph Beshay)
11/29 Thanksgiving Holiday — No classes
12/06 (Friday) Final Exam, 4-7 PM in ECSN 2.112
12/13 (Friday) Project Presentation