Cong Liu

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Department of Computer Engineering
Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science
The University of Texas at Dallas

ECSS 4.211, UTD
Richardson, Texas
                         Office phone: (972) 883-3572

Research Assistant (RA) positions available for self-motivated PhD students. I am passionate about designing and implementing timing-predictable, efficient, and safe autonomous embedded systems, with autonomous driving as the currently focused application domain. Recent research focus of our research group is on testing/detecting/mitigating vulnerabilities in DNN-driven autonomous driving systems and performing system-level optimization in such systems.

I am interested in working with self-motivated students who strive for research excellence. In the past, students in our group have had excellent academic and industry job placements. If you are interested in my research and working with me, please include some samples of your work (e.g., major projects, open source contributions, etc.) when contacting me directly.

For current UTD students who are interested in working with me, please stop by my office so that we can discuss and see if there is a good match.

I received the "Young Outstanding Teacher" award from UT-Dallas.

  • CS 6396 / CE 6308 / EE 6308 - Real-Time Systems

  • CS 6301-006 GPGPU Computing

  • CS 6378-004 Advanced Operating Systems

  • CS 6301-008 Advanced Topics in Multicore Embedded Systems