Spatial Statistics in Practice


Center for Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity, Tunghai University


Fushan Botanical Garden


August, 2007


Symposium Presentation #1: (Saturday, August 4) Spatially Structured Random Effects


Symposium Presentation #2: (Saturday, August 4) Spatial Filtering and Space-Time Data


Lecture #1: A general overview of spatial autocorrelation in georeferenced data

Lab #1 - spatial autocorrelation games
- constructing Moran scatterplots
- constructing semivariogram plots


Lecture #2: Quantitative regionalization and cluster detection, with special reference to local statistics

Lab #2 - variable transformations
- LISA statistics
- Getis-Ord statistics
- constructing spider diagrams


Lecture #3: Modeling spatial autocorrelation in normal, binomial/logistic, and Poisson variables: autoregressive and spatial filter specifications

Lab #3 - Jacobian estimation
- estimating autoregressive models
- estimating spatial filter models
- estimating random effects models
- mapping spatial filters


Lecture #4: Bayesian analysis of mapped data

Lab #4 - using GeoBUGS


Lecture #5: MAPS WITH GAPSsmall geographic area estimation, kriging, and kernel smoothing

Lab #5 - handling missing georeferenced data: (1) estimating missing values
(2) spatial interpolation





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