I am collecting narratives about the experience of reading Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth for a book I am writing about religious bestsellers and their readers in the twentieth-century U.S.  I am interested in all kinds of memories related to the book, in whatever form seems best to tell them.  However, I have included a few prompts below: 


  1. When did you read the book, and how did you hear about it?  What convinced you that you wanted to read it? 
  2. Did you talk about it with anyone?  If so, whom?  In what ways?
  3. What do you remember about the book or your discussions of it?  Did it change your way of thinking or your way of being in the world?  What did you think/feel while you were reading and talking about this book?
  4. Did reading or talking about this book have any short-term or long-term impact on your religious life?  Do you think about it differently now than when you first encountered the book?
  5. Demographic information: 





Religious affiliation

  1. Where did you hear about this survey?
  2. Would you be willing to be contacted for a follow-up survey or interview?  If so, please provide your contact information. 


Please email narratives to erins@utdallas.edu with “LGPE memories” in the subject line.  No attachments, please.  Or, mail to Prof. Erin Smith, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Texas at Dallas, P. O. Box 830688 GR26, Richardson, TX 75083-0688.  


Erin A. Smith

Associate Professor of American Studies & Literature

University of Texas at Dallas


For more information, please contact erins@utdallas.edu


This study has been approved by the UT-Dallas Internal Review Board