Andras Farago
   Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science                                           
    Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science
    The University of Texas at Dallas 
    P.O.B. 830688,  EC-31
     Richardson, Texas 75083-0688
     Phone:   972-883-6885
     Fax:       972-883-2349





     Research interest:                                                                                          

    Communication networks and their protocols, network design/analysis methods, algorithms, complexity

           PUBLICATIONS  (pdf file)

     Courses taught

           At UTD:

  CS 6385  Algorithmic Aspects of Telecommunication Networks

  CS 4390   Computer Networks         

  CS 2305   Discrete Math for Computing

  CS 4349  Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

               In my previous life at the Technical University of Budapest (Budapest, Hungary):

                        Communication Systems
                        Telecommunication Networks
                        Theory of Communications
                        Signal and Speech Processing
                        Foundations of Computer Science
                        Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity
                        Analysis and Algebra