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University of Texas at Dallas

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Research Office: 972-883-4293

Math Office 972-883-4292

Fax: 972-883-6839

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Current and Former Students first!

Postdoctoral students

Dr. Stephan Thamban (UTD Senior Lecturer - Mech Eng.)

Past PhD Students:

Dr. Bao Zhou (04) - Lam Research

Study of gas phase, surface phase chemistries and plasma - surface interactions in fluorocarbon plasmas in an inductively coupled modified gaseous electronics conference (mGEC) reactor

Dr. Eric Joseph (05 - L Overzet co-advisor) - IBM

The characterization of plasma - surface interactions using the inductively coupled gaseous electronics conference reference cell platform

Dr. Yonghua Liu (06 - L Overzet co-advisor) - RFM

Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of aluminum from methylpyrrolidine alane complex

Dr. Sanket Sant (06 - L Overzet co-advisor) - Lam Research

Understanding the complex chemistry of fluorocarbon plasmas in a long residence time ICP reactor

Dr. Ashish Jindal (07 - L Overzet co-advisor) - Sandia

Investigations into the polymerization mechanism of a pulsed 1,3-Butadiene discharge in an ICP GEP Platform

Caleb Nelson (10 - L Overzet co-advisor) - 3M

Gain And Loss Mechanisms In Fluorocarbon Plasmas

Iqbal Saraf (co-advisor 11 - L Overzet advisor) - IBM

Fundamentals of deep silicon etch

Gabriel Padron-Wells (11 - L Overzet co-advisor) - Global Foundry

Electron Beam Exciter For Optical Emission Spectroscopy And Optical Excitation Cross Section Analysis In Processing Systems

Daisuke Ogawa (co-advisor 12 - L Overzet advisor) - Chubu University

The Investigations Of Direct Liquid Injection In Low-Pressure Plasmas

Cristina Estrada (12) - Global Foundry

Polymerization Processes in a Chloro-P-Xylene Plasma

Robert Bates (co-advisor, 14 - L Overzet advisor)

Correction Of Aspect Ratio Dependency In Deep Silicon Etch Using SF6/C4F8/Ar Gas Mixture

David Urrabazo (co-advisor, 15 - L Overzet advisor) - Global Foundry

On Induced Electron Emission From Semiconductors: The Effects Of Conduction Band Electrons And Surface Density Of States

Current PhD Students:

John Poulose (MJ Goeckner and LJ Overzet advisors)

Yanping Chen (John Zweck and MJ Goeckner advisors)

Past MS Students:

Jeremy Marquis (02)

Dr. Yu Lei (02) - PhD from TAMU

Keith Jarreu (02) - TI

Sunil Srinivasan (co-advisor 02)

Lakshmijyothi Pratti (co-advisor 02)

Dr. Sanket Sant (03) - PhD UTD

Dr. Anand Chandrashekar (co-advisor 03)

Dr. Ashish Jindal (04) - PhD UTD

Dr. Caleb Nelson (06) - PhD UTD

Dr. Daisuke Ogawa (co-advisor 08) - PhD UTD

Dr. Iqbal Saraf (co-advisor 08) - PhD UTD

Monali Mandra (co-advisor 09)

Dr. Gabriel Padron-Wells (09) - PhD UTD

David Urrabazo (10) - PhD student UTD

Undergraduate honors

Aaron Lyles, 2001 - MD UTSW

Ashish Jindal 2001 - PhD at UTD - Sandia National Lab

Arun Radhakrishnan 2003 - MSEE at UTD

Caleb Nelson 2005 - PhD at UTD - 3M

Yared Melese 2005 - MSEE at UTD

Vaishal Shah 2005 - MSEE at UTD

Undergraduate Research & Independent study

Brent Markham 2000

Ky Ma 2001

Sachin Babu 2003 (PhD student UTD)

Jason Koesters 2003 (DDS Baylor)

Debbie Prestridge 2003

Adam Prengler (NSF REU) 2003

Daryl Schellinger (NSF REU) 2003

Becky Laughlin 2003

Cheng Lee 2003

John Stadler 2004

Cody Gilleland 2004 (PhD MIT)

Brandon Jarvis 2004 and 2006 (MS UTPA)

Marvin Wrich 2004

Megan Creasey 2005

Matthew Kessler 2005

Daniel Pruessner 2006

Gabriel Padron-Wells 2006 (PhD - UTD)

Richard Pierce 2008 (PhD - UTD)

David Urrabazo Jr 2009 (PhD student - UTD)

Stuart Yun (NSF REU) 2010

Velta Ayivi - (NSF REU) 2010-12

Cass Figioli - (NSF REU) 2010-12

Matthew Mcintosh - 2010-11

Shanoya Taylor - (NSF REU) 2011-12

Non-UTD students

UT System Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Alberto Cuen - EE Senior 2006 UTEP

Ismael Quintanilla - EE Junior 2006 UT Pan Am

Susan Austin - EE Senior 2007 UT San Antonio

Benito Garica - EE Senior 2007 UT San Antonio

Sylvia Carrol - EE Freshmen 2008 UTEP

Anson L. Clark Program, PISD/Hi-TECCC Program, Nano-Explorer Students

Jack Weng 2007

Daniel Self 2008 (BSME UTD)

Alex Kollaja 2009 (BSME UTD)

Stuart Yun 2009-10 (BSME UTD)

Maxwell Li 2010 (BSME UTD)

Shanoya Taylor 2011 (BSME UTD)

Material Science REU and UTD CCCC, DCCCC STEP programs

Keith Hernandez Collin College 2012 (Current MS student at UTD)

Bryan Calcagno U Houston 2012

Research Interests

Professor Goeckner runs the International Center for Advanced Materials Processing at the University of Texas at Dallas. The center works closely with CAPST/FERI at Sungkyunkwan University (Korea) and PLANT at Nagoya University (Japan) to develop the next generation of materials processing tools. We also work with local and national industry on projects related to control of processing tools. The areas of study include processing for semiconductors, biomedical devices, flexible electronics. Other research includes Diagnostics for processing tools and Engineering Education. (Research Philosophy)


BS, Mathematics - Southern Illinois University, 1982

BS, Physics - Southern Illinois University, 1983

MS, Physics - UCLA, 1984

Ph.D., Physics - University of Iowa, 1990

LIF Measurements and Modeling of Magnetron and Filament Discharges

Under the direction of Professor John Goree

Postdoc, ERC for Plasma Aided Manufacturing - U Wisconsin, 1991-1994

Professional Experience

15- Associate Dean of Natural Sciences, Operations and Special Project

11-15 Prof and Head Mathematical Sciences

10- Affiliated Faculty in Physics

08- Professor Mechanical Engineering

08-11 Associate Head Mechanical Engineering

08- Professor in Electrical Engineering

08- Affiliated Faculty in Material Science and Engineering

06- Affiliated Faculty in Science and Mathematics Education

08-09 Interim Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering

99-08 Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering, UTD (Tenure September 02)

06, 09 & 10 Visiting Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea

98-99 Research Engineer, Ginzton Research Center, Varian Associates

94-97 Research Physicist, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Princeton University.

91-94 Research Associate, ERC for Plasma Aided Manufacturing, U Wisconsin

Courses (with links to electronic notes and Course Syllabi )

MECH 3315 - Fluid Mechanics.

EE 3310 - Electronic Devices I.

EE 4300 - Advanced Engineering Mathematics II (sorry no electronic notes)

EE 4301 - Electromagnetic Engineering I (E-Notes not complete)

EE 4302 - Electromagnetic Engineering II (E-Notes by Debbie Prestridge)

EE/Phys 5383 - Plasma Technology Class and Lab

EE/Phys 6383 - Plasma Science Class and Lab

Teaching course

Teaching Philosophy.

Other (non-work!) activities

09-10 Assistant Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Great Plains District

09-10 Member USHERO 17 (Search and Rescue)

07 Wood Badge 77 Circle 10 Council

02-07 Assistant Scout Master with Boy Scout Troop 1000

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