Gopal Gupta

Erik Jonsson Professor
Department of Computer Science,
University of Texas at Dallas

Contact Information:

Email: gupta AT utdallas DOT edu (best way to contact me)
Tel: (972) 883 4107
Fax: (972) 883 2399
Office: 4.907 CS Bldg. (ECS South)    (DIRECTIONS)

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News: Team of PhD students Kinjal Basu, Sarat Varanasi, Fang Li, and Huaduo Wang selected for Amazon Alexa Socialbot Grand Challenge 4. new
News: Current funded projects: (i) CLARISSA (DARPA through Honeywell); (ii) Explainable AI (NSF); (iii) Automated HF Diagnosis (NSF); and, (iv) Goal-directed ASP (NSF)
News: Recent papers on explainable AI, inductive learning of default theories, abductive inference, and ASP-based natural language question answering
News: The paper on Coinductive Logic Programming in ICLP 2006 by Simon, Mallya, Bansal and Gupta earns ICLP 2016 10 years Test-of-Time award

Software: SHAP-FOLD: An Explainable AI system for discovering the logic from models learned using statistical methods (includes source code and documentation.)

Software: The s(ASP) System: A predicate answer set programming system (includes source code and documentation.)
Software: The s(CASP) System: The s(ASP) system re-engineered to include constraints by Joaqin Arias and Manuel Carro at IMDEA, Spain; Software: GALLIWASP: A goal-directed system for answer set programming (includes source code and documentation.)
Software: Metainterpreter supporting tabling (DRA) and coinduction with applications to LTL model checking

Videos of Talks new
  • General talk on AI: Artifical Intelligence: The Road Forward: click here
  • Tutorial on common sense reasoning with ASP: click here
  • Talk given at Microsoft Research on Logic, Co-induction and Infinite Computation: click here
Laboratory: Applied Logic Programming-Languages and Systems (ALPS) Lab  (you can see the old lab page here)
Company: Founded (2008) Interoperate, Inc. (funded by the Texas Emerging Technology Fund)   (see recent UTD press release)
Other Activities: the E-plan system, the QOLT Lab, and the CHAMPS Project (see CHAMPS press release)  
Past Work: (See a summary of my group's research contributions here)

Research Interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation, Common Sense Reasoning, Explainable Machine Learning.
  • Programming Languages: Implementation, Semantics, Applications, Constraint and Logic Programming, Static Analysis.
  • Software Engineering: Software Verification, Real-time Systems, Domain Specific Languages, Interoperability.
  • Parallel and Distributed Processing: High Performance AI and Constraint Logic Programming Systems, Automatic Parallelization, Parallel Architectures, Applications.
  • Human Computer Interaction: Tools for Visually Impaired; Intelligent Interfaces.


From 1989 to 1991, I worked as a Research Associate in the research group of David H.D. Warren (of the Warren Abstract Machine fame, now retired) in the CS Department, University of Bristol, UK.

From 01/92 to 08/00, I worked as a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at New Mexico State University.

Current Projects

  • Automated Common Sense Reasoning
  • Explainable AI
  • Logic-based Software Assurance
  • Goal-directed Answer Set Programming
  • Coinductive Logic Programming
Support for my group has been provided by DARPA, NSF, NATO, EPA, DHS, Sandia National Labs, AITEC (Japan), Fullbright Foundation, etc.

Software Systems developed by my research group

  • SHAP-FOLD Explainable AI System for Relational Learning. With Shakerin.
  • s(CASP): Predicate Constraint Answer Set Programming System. With Arias (UPM), Carro (UPM), Marple, Salazar
  • s(ASP): Predicate Answer Set Programming System. With Marple, Salazar
  • Galliwasp: Goal-directed Answer Set Solver. With Marple, Min, Bansal.
  • CoLP Metainterpreter: Meta-interpreter for co-LP. With Kluzniak, Simon, Mallya, Bansal.
  • NEXUS parser: A parser for NEXUS (NEXUS is a bioinformatics mark-up language).
  • ExSched System: An Excel Plug-in for Knowledgesheet (see below). A spreadsheet interface for solving constraint satisfaction problems. With Tiwari, Chitnis, Yennamani. 2006. Used in the past by CS and EE departments to automatically schedule courses.
  • VoxBoox System: A system for automatically generating interactive talking books. With Aanchal Jain Click here to see demo.
  • DAWN System: A system that allows interactive audio/voice based aural surfing of the WWW over the phone. With Raman, Nichols, Reddy, Annamalai.
  • Semantic Web System: Semantically maps RDF documents and RDQL queries to Horn logic. The RDQL queries can then be executed w.r.t. RDF data. With Kunal Patel, 2003.
  • The E-plan System: The E-plan system is a Web-based system for helping with emergencies involving hazardous chemicals. Read an article about the system in Firechief magazine (a more recent one here in Industrial Fire World magazine) and how it was used for Hurricane Katrina releif.
  • TA Scheduler: Automatically assigns to TAs to courses. Used at UTD since fall 2002 to make assignment for 70+ TAs to about 120 courses. With King, Gupta, Guballa, Mallya. 2003.
  • HTML to VoiceXML Transcoder: converts any HTML 4.0 web-page to VoiceXML. Extensible. Developed in Java (initial prototype in Prolog). With Narayan, Gupta, Dr. Prabhakaran.
  • Transform: Bioinformatics interoperability tool (available through With Drs Pontelli, Ranjan, Milligan. 2001.
  • PALS: Parallel ALS, a distributed logic programming system based on the commercial ALS Prolog system. Implements full Prolog, and runs on Beowulf (ca. 2002). Built on top of Applied Logic System's (ALS) WAM, uses MPI and the novel technique of stack-splitting to realize distributivity. Villaverde, Pontelli, Gupta, Guo.
  • TALS: Tabled ALS, a tabled logic programming system based on the commercial ALS Prolog system. Implemented on top of ALS WAM, uses novel technique of dynamic reordering of alternatives. With Hai-Feng Guo.
  • NADA: An automatic system for checking undergraduate graduation requirements and providing advise automatically to students (built for NMSU). Implemented using Prolog + Java. Jose-Mendez, Karshmer, and Gupta. 1999.
  • ACE: A High Performance Parallel Prolog System implemented on top of SICStus Prolog. Runs on SMMs. Pontelli and Gupta. No longer maintained or available.
  • VACE: A tool for visualizing and-or parallel execution of logic programs. Runs on daVinci. Vaupel, Pontelli, Gupta. No longer maintained or available.
  • Knowledgesheet: A Spread-sheet based tool for solving constraint satisfaction problems. Akhtar and Gupta.
  • Nemeth to Latex Backtranslator: A system for converting Nemeth Math Braille document to Latex. 2001. Try the expression coverter here: Nemeth Math to Latex Backtranslator (alpha).
  • An Interpreter for EqL: EqL is an equational language. Gupta and Jayaraman. 1987. No longer maintained or available.

Professional Organization Service

Past Organized Events

Students: Past and Present

Ph.D. Students

  1. Enrico Pontelli, 1997, Ph.D. Thesis: Design and Implementation of the ACE System. Currently, Dean of A&S, NMSU. Awarded NSF CAREER grant, 1998;
  2. Haifeng Guo, Oct. 2000 , Ph.D. Thesis: Efficient Distributed and Tabled Logic Programming Systems. Ex NSF Post Doc. Fellow, SUNY SB. Professor, CS Dept. University of Nebraska at Omaha. Awarded Nebraska EPSCOR Career grant. Currently at
  3. Luke Simon, July. 2006, Ph.D. Thesis: Coinductive Logic Programming. Twitter, Inc. (Won best paper award at ECOWS'05). View the thesis
  4. Ajay Mallya, Aug. 2006, Ph.D. Thesis: Deductive Model Checking., Seattle, WA. (won best student paper award at ICLP'05; best paper award ECOWS'05).
  5. Qian Wang, Dec. 2007, Thesis: Semantics-based Approaches to Formal Language Processing, Interoperate LLC (best paper SVV'03). View the thesis
  6. Ajay Bansal, Dec. 2007, Thesis: Next Generation of LP Systems. Assistant Professor, Arizona State University. (Won best paper award at ECOWS'05). View the thesis
  7. Srividya Kona, Dec. 2007, Thesis: Automatic Discovery and Composition of Web Services, Associate Professor. Arizona State University.
  8. Richard Min, August 2009, Thesis: Predicate Answer Set Programming with Coinduction. Taylor University. View the thesis
  9. Neda Saeedloei, 2011, Verification of Complex Real-time Systems. Asst. Professor, Towson State University. View the thesis
  10. Kyle Marple, 2014, Goal-directed Answer Set Programming. Walmart Technology Labs. View the thesis
  11. Stanley Jointer, 2016 (co-advised with Lakshman Tamil), Def-Logix, Inc.
  12. Zhuo Chen, 2017, A Physician Advisory System based on ASP: Heart Failure. Postdoc Researcher at UT Dallas. View the thesis
  13. Mohammad Ali Ghaderi, 2017 (co-advised with Lakshman Tamil), iSono Health, Inc.
  14. Savio Monteiro, 2018 (co-advised with Lakshman Tamil), Computer Associates.
  15. Elmer Salazar, 2019, Proof-theoretic Foundations of Normal Logic Programs. Assistant Professor of Instruction, UT Dallas, View the thesis
  16. Farhad Shakerin, 2020, Logic-based Approaches for Explainable AI and Natural Language Understanding. View the thesis
  17. Kinjal Basu, PhD Student, Natural Language Question Answering based on Commonsense Reasoning
  18. Sarat Varanasi, PhD Student (co-advised with Neeraj Mittal), Automated Synthesis of Concurrent Program.
  19. Fang Li, PhD Student, Graph-based Commonsense Reasoning Engines
  20. Huaduo Wang, PhD Student.
  21. Darren Wiley, PhD Student.
  22. Suraj Kothawade, PhD Student.

Master's Students (with information on first employment)

  1. Dhruv Pendharker (2018, Uber), Converting Free Text to Knowledge; View the thesis
  2. Savio Monteiro, (2010, UTD CE PhD student), Mobile Aural Browsing.
  3. Abhilash Tiwari (2009, NPI), Intelligent Interfaces for Problem Solving
  4. Shrirang Khisti(2008, VMWare), Automatic Detection of Memory Leaks in Binary Executables
  5. Parag Doshi(2007, Yahoo), General Strategies for Buffer Overflow Attack Proofing
  6. Bharathi Boyareddigari, Thesis: Guidance System for Visually Impaired
  7. Aanchal Jain (2006, Tektronix), Thesis: Automatic Generation of Interactive Talking Books
  8. Siddharth Chitnis(2006, QualComm), Thesis: Logical Spreadsheets
  9. Sriram Sunder Raman (2005, QualComm), Thesis: Dynamic Aural Web Navigation.
  10. Ramya Reguramalingam (2005, (12/05), Thesis: Buffer Attack-proofing of Binary Code.
  11. Rekha Ramesh (2005, Metallect), Thesis: Automatic Meeting Scheduling Server
  12. Madhu Yennamani (2004, Novomatic), Thesis: Constraint-based Timetable Generation
  13. Ramakrishnan Venkitaraman (2004, QualComm), Thesis: Static Program Analysis of DSP Software Systems
  14. Kunal Patel (2004, Network Inference, Inc.), Thesis: Semantically Processing the Semantic Web
  15. Vinay Ahuja (2003, Intelligenxia, Inc.), Thesis: Strategies for Robocup Soccer
  16. Hemamber Reddy (2004, Metallect Corp), Thesis: Dynamically Navigable VoiceXML
  17. Narayan Annamalai (2002, Intervoice), Thesis: Extensible Translator from HTML to VoiceXML View the thesis
  18. Xinhong Zhou (2001, Sabre, Inc.), Project: Transforming DTDs to DCGs.
  19. Larry King (2000, Honeywell Research Center), Thesis: Course scheduling with Constraint Logic Programming.
  20. C-C Cheng (2000, Cadence Design, Inc.). Project: Automatic Generation of XML Parsers
  21. Nayana Datta (2000, Synopsis, Inc.). Thesis: Semantics-based Interoperability.
  22. Hai-Feng Guo (1999, on to Ph.D.). Thesis: Semantics-based Nemeth to Latex Backtranslation.
  23. Jose Mendez (1998, Argodata), Thesis: NMSU Advising and Audit System.
  24. Shameem Akhter (1998, Intel). Thesis: Knowledgesheet: A Spreadsheet Interface for CLP Programs. See Shameem's latest work: the first book on programing multicore architectures.
  25. Federico Bassetti (1997, Los Alamos National Labs). Thesis: Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems.
  26. Jung-Wook Bang (1997, on to Ph.D. @ Imperial College, UK). Thesis: Automated Medical Diagnosis of Acid-Base Disorders.
  27. Rick Vaupel (1996, Lockheed). Thesis: Visualization of And-Or Parallel Execution.
  28. Haren Babu (1995, IBM.). Thesis: Or-parallelism on Distributed Machines.
  29. Greg Luce (1994, employment info. n/a). Project: Design/Impl. of a Parallelizing Compiler.


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