ALPS Lab, Department of Computer Science, UT-Dallas

The ALPS Lab (motto) is engaged in research in programming languages, software engineering, parallel and distributed computing, human computer interfaces, and intelligent systems.

Lab Director: Gopal Gupta
                    Department of Computer Science,
                    The University of Texas at Dallas,
                    Richarsdson, TX.

Location: ALPS LAB,
              Room # ES 4.621,
              Eric Johnson School of Computer Science,
              The University of Texas at Dallas.

Phone: 972-883-6170

Members of the Lab

    Lawrence King (faculty)

    Doctoral Candidates

    Masters Students

Some information about the research interests of

Some of the current projects
  1. UMA: Universal Mathematics Accessibility by G. Gupta, N. Annamalai, H. Reddy, A. Karshmer, K. Miesenberger, E. Pontelli, H-F Guo
  2. Next Generation Logic Programming Systems by Gopal Gupta
  3. Static Program Analysis and its Application to TI's DSP Software by Ramakrishnan Venkitaraman and Gopal Gupta
  4. Intelligent System for Advising by Saradha Anapalli, Sam Karrah, and Gopal Gupta
  5. Eplan System by Balaji Raghavachari, Gopal Gupta, et al
  6. SCR++: A Language Design for Real-Time Multi-Agent Systems by Vijay Narayana Halaharvi and Gopal Gupta
  7. Dynamic Navigation of VoiceXML by Narayan Annamalai, Hemamber Muthyala, Jiang Wu and Gopal Gupta             
  8. Inferencing in the Semantic Web by Kunal Patel and Gopal Gupta
  9. Teaching Assistant Scheduler Application by Lawrence King, Ajay Mallya, Prabhakar Gubbala, and Gopal Gupta
  10. Programming with Proof Nets by Luke Simon
  11. Extensible Transcoder for HTML to VoiceXML Conversion by Narayan Annamalai, B. Prabhakaran, and Gopal Gupta
  12. Strategies for RoboCup Soccer by Vinay Ahuja, Vijay Halaharvi, Venkat Mahakala, Ajay Mallya, and Gopal Gupta
  13. Programming Language Semantics: Theory, Practice and Applications by Qian Wang, Michael Nichols, and Gopal Gupta
Some of the past projects
  1. Reliable Construction of Embedded Real-time/Hybrid Systems
  2. Horn Logical Semantics and its Applications to S/W Engg.
  3. The ACE Project: Parallel implementation of Prolog on shared memory multiprocessors.
  4. Scalable Parallel Implementation of Constraint Logic Programs on a Distributed Network of SMPs.
  5. Parallel and Sequential Implementations of Tabled Logic Programming Systems.
  6. Complexity Study of Dynamic Data-structures in Implementation of Advanced Programming Languages.
  7. Knowledgesheet: Spreadsheet Interface for Tabular Constraint Logic Programs over Finite Domains.
  8. Advising and Degree Audit System.
  9. Assistive Technologies
  10. Semantics based approaches to processing and querying XML documents.
  11. Automation of Phylogenetic Inference in Biology
Some of these projects are funded by NSF, Department of Education, EPA and other agencies.

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