Dynamic Navigation of VXML: Demo

There are several demos here. All have been recorded earlier, so you need a computer with speakers and Window Media Player installed. Make sure the volume of your speaker is not disabled nor set to zero. Minimize the Windows Media Player once it is launched so you can see the HTML pages that were translated.

VoxBoox Demo

The VoxBoox System is a system for automatically converting on-line books from html to VoiceXML augmented with the ability to navigate the book being read dynamically through voice commands.

The demo illustrates various features of the system. Please listen patientily. Having the web page, (that is being translated to VXML and being read) in front of you helps. For this demo, which illustrates the reading of Shakespeare's "All's well that ends well" stored at online books, start by clicking on the following recorded wave file below.

Please be patient, as the system has to read out all URLs embedded in the page and ask if the reader wants to visit them or not. The demo illustrates various features of our technology: dynamic conversion, anchors, pause, search, skip paragraph, etc.


Click on this page to bring up a list of books by William Shakespeare; we'll navigate to the second line and read All's Well that End's Well at MIT Press. Next:

Click HERE to launch the wave file on Windows' Media Player.

Now listen (and follow with the HTML page).

DAWN System Demo

coming soon