Marc R. Hairston, Research Scientist
William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences
The University of Texas at Dallas

Research Interests

Ionospheric physics: current topics include polar ionospheric convection, theta aurora, response times to changes in the IMF, scientific visualizationof space science data, scientific education and public outreach.

Bernard: What causes them [the northern lights] to do that?
Chris: Well, this is just a guess, but, I think that high speed electronsand protons from the sun are trapped in the Van Allen Belt. Then they'rechanneled through the polar regions by the Earth's magnetic field where they collide with other particles and create a brilliant luminosity.
Bernard: What does that have to do with
us ?
Chris: I swear I don't know....
--Northern Exposure "Aurora Borealis"

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B.A. in Physics and English, Rice University, 1979
M.A. in Physics, Duke University, 1981
PhD. in Space Physics, Rice University, 1986


Dr. Marc R. Hairston
William B. Hanson Center for Space Sciences
University of Texas at Dallas
P.O. Box 830688 FO22
Richardson, TX 75083-0688

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