Dr. I. Hal Sudborough

Founders Professor for Engineering and Computer Science.
PhD: Pennsylvania State University 

Eric Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science
The University of Texas at Dallas
P. O. Box 830688
Richardson, TX 75083-0688

Office number:  EC4.222
Lab number:     EC4.223
Office phone:    972-883-2184

Fax:                  972-883-2349
email:                hal@utdallas.edu 



        CS 6363 Computer Algorithms

Research Interests

       Research areas include Telecommunication networks, parallel computation networks, efficient parallel (and sequential) algorithms, structure of complexity classes, picture processing, automata and formal languages, graph/network algorithms (esp. embedding and layout problems), combinatorial problems (esp. sorting by prefix reversals), and computational biology.

Links to Papers

            Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, 2001, Anaheim, California:
                        Area Efficient Layouts of Binary Trees on One, Two Layers

            published in Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 410, Issue 36, August, 2009, pp. 3372-3390.

                        An (18/11)n Upper Bound for Sorting by Prefix Reversals



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