ISiTGR (Integrated Software in Testing General Relativity) is an integrated set of modified modules for the software package CosmoMC for use in testing whether observational data is consistent with general relativity on cosmological scales. It incorporates modifications to the packages: CAMB, CosmoMC, the ISW-galaxy cross correlation likelihood module of Ho et al, and our own weak lensing likelihood module for the refined COSMOS 3D weak lensing tomography of Schrabback et al to test general relativity. It also includes our generalized BAO likelihood module that has recently been incorporated into CosmoMC and uses the recently released WiggleZ BAO data of Blake et al.

Generalized Baryon Acoustic Oscilaiton code for CosmoMC (Download)

The BAO likelihood module for CosmoMC (08/11 version) has been generalized to allow for multiple BAO data sets by implementing .dataset files for this data. This BAO likelhood code contains an option to use the newly released WiggleZ BAO measurements, as well as the SDSS DR7 BAO measurements already contained in CosmoMC. A complete description of changes made to implement this new likelihood code in CosmoMC is available in the the BAO ReadMe. As of October 2011 this module has been incorporated into CosmoMC.