Dr. Jey Veerasamy


Director, Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach

Professor of Instruction, Department of Computer Science

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science

The University of Texas at Dallas

MS Teams virtual office room utd.link/jey

Online Office hours: Mon 10-11am, Wed 11am-12pm & Thu 1-2pm          

E-Mail: jeyv@utdallas.edu
(UTDCS students, please do NOT email me regarding CS Outreach jobs –

Apply at utd.link/cso-app instead)

Home page: www.utdallas.edu/~jeyv




Teaching Philosophy Statement


My goal is to make each class as enjoyable as possible! I use project based learning approach to teach. In other words, I work on a series of real-world scenario-based problems. After discussing each problem in high level, I expect the students to code along with me in the class.


My exams will contain a mix of multiple choice & fill-in-the-blank questions and one or two coding questions. Since I focus on the big picture and problem solving skills, I encourage the students to read the book to get the complete details. You will work on one activity in each class and one or more problems as the weekly assignment. I expect a typical student to spend 3-4 hours every week for the homework. There will be plenty of help available to the students (my office hours, TA office hours & CSMC) - use them effectively to avoid frustration & wasting time - make it an enjoyable learning experience!


Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach


This center is responsible for planning and conducting all Outreach events for the Department of Computer Science. We have conducted events for everyone: Kindergarten kids to high school students, college students, school teachers, adults & working professionals. You can keep up with the latest updates by liking us on Facebook. You can also join UTD email list csoutreach by sending an email to sympa@lists.utdallas.edu with subject line “subscribe csoutreach”. We will send periodic updates (approximately one message every 2 weeks or so) to this email list.


See the following Google document to access CS Outreach learning resources: