Dr. Jey Veerasamy


Director, Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach

Sr. Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science

The University of Texas at Dallas

Office: ECSS 3.231 Phone: 972-883-4241

Office hours: Mondays 10am-12noon &
                   Thursdays 11:30am-12:30pm


E-Mail: jeyv@utdallas.edu

Home page: www.utdallas.edu/~jeyv


Office hours are for students of my classes & invited guests ONLY. If you are looking for CS Outreach jobs, please visit bit.ly/csor-app to apply (no office visits please).


Teaching Philosophy Statement


My goal is to make each class as enjoyable as possible! Since most of my courses are entry-level programming courses, I use project based learning approach to teach. In other words, I work on a series of real-world scenario based problems. After discussing each problem in high level, I expect the students to code along with me in the class. I strongly encourage all my students to bring a laptop to get the max out of my classes. My exams will contain a series of problems as well. Few of those problems will be similar to the problems covered in the class or in assignments. I do not use multiple choice questions in the exam & I do not ask for any definitions either. Since I focus on the big picture and problem solving skills, I encourage the students to review the book closely to get the complete details. Be ready to keep up with the course by doing weekly homework! If you are curious about how things work, not afraid to try, sincere in attending classes & willing to interact with me, you will do very well in my class!!


Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach


This center is responsible for planning and conducting all Outreach events for the Department of Computer Science. We have conducted events for everyone: Kindergarten kids to high school students, college students, school teachers, adults & working professionals. You can keep up with the latest updates by liking us on Facebook. You can also join UTD email list csoutreach by sending an email to sympa@lists.utdallas.edu with subject line “subscribe csoutreach”. We will send periodic updates (approximately one message every 2 weeks or so) to this email list.


Here are a few tools used in CS Outreach:




Tool’s website


www.utdallas.edu/~jeyv/scratch (bit.ly/jscratch)

scratch.mit.edu (bit.ly/mitscr)


www.utdallas.edu/~jeyv/logo (bit.ly/jeylogo)

www.calormen.com/jslogo (bit.ly/c-logo)


www.utdallas.edu/~jeyv/alice (bit.ly/jalice)

www.alice.org/index.php Use Alice 2


www.utdallas.edu/~jeyv/kajs (bit.ly/jeyjs)

www.utdallas.edu/~jeyv/js (new)

www.khanacademy.org/cs/new (bit.ly/ka-js)



There are several Java IDEs:

eclipse.org, netbeans.org, jgrasp.org, jcreator.com