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USAllianz Performance
TIAA-CREF: Inter/ACT System
CREF 5-Day Value Chart
CREF Morningstar Ratings
CREF Global Equities 30 Day Graph
TIAA Int'l Equity 30 Day Chart
TIAA Int'l Equity 90 Day Chart
Fidelity 403b/ORP-TSA
Fidelity: Fidelity's Select Portfolios
Fidelity: Market indices in US and abroad
Fidelity: Perspective on Performance Reports
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Colonial Savings (Mortgage)
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CNNfn - Most recent stories
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Joe Izen's Home Page
Joe Izen's Personal Home Page
Joe's SLAC home page
Joe's Publication list from SPIRES
24 Hours in Cyberspace: Charmed Quarks
Steve Izen's Home Page
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University of Texas at Dallas

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University of Texas at Dallas
Faculty/Staff Telephone Directory
Student Telephone Directory
UTD Physics Program
UTD Physics Faculty Directory
UTD Physics Staff Directory
UTD Physics Graduate Student Directory
The SPS Chapter @ UTD Homepage
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UTD Admissions and Records
UTD Application for Graduate School Admission
Graduate School Application - US Residents
UTD i-Planet UNIX login
UTD eForms
UTD Travel Auth Form (.xls)
UTD Travel Voucher Form (.xls)
UTD Comet Hockey
UTD Comet Hockey eGroup
Phys2325 Mechanics - Prof. Izen
Phys2325 Syllabus
Phys2325 Mechanics Yahoo!Group
Phys2321 Honors Physics I
Phys2321 Honors Physics I Syllabus
Phys2321 Honors Physics I Yahoo!Group
Phys4301 Quantum Mechanics I
Phys4301 Quantum Mechanics I eGroup
UTD Electronic Reserves - Izen - Phys2325
In the Quantum World, Keys to New Codes
UT Physics HW server - student page
UT Physics HW server - faculty page
UT Physics HW server - Create a Class
UTD Class Schedule
Final Exam Schedule
UT System: Software Distribution Service
UTD HEP Unix Computing
UTD Internet Monitor
Xinchou Lou
Itaru Kitayama
Providers - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
Office of Sponsored Projects
UTD Police
UTD Media Service
GSC Electronic Catalog
Contract Airline Fares / Fiscal Year 2001
General Services Commission
UTD Electronic Forms
Out-Of-State Meal And Lodging Rates
UTFlex Claim Form

UNIX Resources

Unix for BaBar/Workbook for BaBar Offline Users
GNU Emacs Reference Card (for version 19)
GNU Emacs Manual - Table of Contents

Beijing Spectrometer

The BES HomePage
UTD BES Technical Information
BES Publication Policy
BES Publication Checklist
BES member's WWW address
IHEP Div. 1 Leaders
BES Members A-G
BES Members H-J
BES Members K-L
BES Members M-S
BES Members T-W
BES Members X-Y
BES Members Z-Z
Coupled Channel Model of Charm Production
Colorado State University
Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
CSU anonymous ftp site
UH BES Group
Boston University BES page
Caltech BES Information
CSU BES Meeting
Walter Toki
Jian Chen Public Home Page
Toby Burnett
Michael H. Kelsey Personal Page
Jim Panetta Personal Page
Michael Schernau's home page
Lingjun Pan Home Page
Daniela's Home Page
Stephen L. Olsen Home Page
F. Harris Home Page
Russell L. Malchow Jr. (home page)
Wang Meng WWW Home Page
Luo Chunhui's Home Page
Beijing Spectrometer ICHEP/DPF'96 Abstracts
Index of /bes/images/

IHEP Network

IHEP - KEK Packet Loss (today)
KEK Network Monitoring
IHEP - KEK Packet Delay

ES.Net Videoconference Schedule


Beijing Guide
Beijing - Medical Services
The Yellow Mountains: A Virtual Tour ---- China Virtual Tours: ChinaVista
Mount Huang
wulingyuan scenic area
Hunan scenery
Welcome to East View Publications, Inc.!


Hot Items

Simulation Production Requests
Nano/Micro Summaries
BaBar HowTo...
Nano/Micro Tutorial for analysis-3
Charm Tags
ISR Streams
Recipe for using GHit based matching in micro analyses
BaBar data sets
Data Distribution
UTD SLAC 18-8201Account Balance
In2p3 Computing Center

Running Jobs

analboot collections
SP3 Inventory
DST lists
How To Use the Micro Database
Vertex/KinFit UserGuide
Using Primary Vertex for MicroDST
Kelsey's gmake aliases
Data Distribution
Physics Analysis Scripts (selects hadron files)
Event Generator Group
Physics Analysis Scripts
Raw and Reco data kept in analboot
Data kept on disk in sp1analboot
Graceful End to Killed Jobs
Paw Commons for 8.2.5 nanDST
SLAC Batch Queues
Batch Computing on the UTD Sparc E6000
How to Specify the SLAC Batch Machine
Compilation environmental variables
Boost 4mom for data
Fortran track swimmer
Beam Spot Location
D+ => K-pi+pi+ signal
Re: Ds -> phi + pi
Thorsten's Electron Cuts
New Electron Identification Recipe
Charlie's where to find info I
Charlie's where to find info II
Analysis Examples and How To's
The ROOT System Home Page
Using the BaBar Beam Spot
New tag filter method
BaBar CVS Code Repository
Kanga Home Page
Physics Analysis Scripts
Changes to tag bits in 8.6.0
CompositionTools User's Guide
Vertexing/Kinematic Fitting User's Guide
VtxTagBtaSelFit: a vertex tag reconstruction tool User's Guide
OK BaBar Runs in 2000
BaBar Lumi Script
Eta in 861 data

MC Production

Offsite .bbobjy files for production
Exporting SP databases to SLAC

Partial Wave Analysis
Manage UTD BaBar Member List
PEP-II/BABAR People Search
SLAC Seminars
Monte Carlo Production Page
BaBar Review Committees

BaBar Search

Search BaBar Web Server
PEP-II/BABAR Database Information
SLAC Library - Online Particle Physics Information
Alta Vista: url:slac.stan & search_string

Shift Instructions

BaBar Software



Administrator's Guide to the BaBar Database
BaBar Software C++ LIGHT Interface: Project Page for BaBar Software
BaBar Reconstruction Software
Rogue Wave Tools.h++ in Reconstruction Code
BaBar HepTuple documentation (Salnikov)
Workbook for BaBar Offline Users
Beta Tutorial using Release 5.3.2
Géant3 flow chart
Géant3 Tutorial
Géant3 Manual (html version)
BABAR Computing System Home Page
BABAR Login Scripts
Required Software for BABAR Computing
BABAR Tools and Utilities
Vendor Information
ASLUND home page
BaBar Simulation
GEANT4 Home Page
Index of /BF/doc/Computing/SoftArchFrmwk
Transarc Documentation
Simulation meeting 25-Aug-1997 (4.3.x)
BaBar Software-reverse engineered

BaBar Physics

BaBar Physics
Leptonic b and c AWG Home Page
CP Violation Streaming Media Page
Approved BaBar Results
BaBar Forum
Physics Forum: Slides for Phone Meetings

Physics Working Group Hypernews Forums

Working Group 1: CP-violation in Neutral B Meson Decays
Working Group 2: Direct CP Violation and Penguins
Working Group 3: Extraction of Gamma
Working Group 4: Vub and Vcb.
Working Group 5: Rare Decays, and Beyond the Standard Model
Working Group 6: B decay Models
Working Group 7: Other Non-CP B Physics
Working Group 8: Tau, Charm and Two-photon Physics
Working Group 9: Overall Unitarity Triangle Sensitivity
Physics Workshop WG12a
Physics Working Group 12b: Measurement of the angle beta

Analysis Preselection Filters
Combining PID information
Towards a Common Analysis Methodology
BaBar: Ks Finder and more on vertexing problems
BABAR Hadronic Bottom/Charm Physics Home Page
SLAC-R-504 -- The BaBar Physics Book


Objectivity/DB and HPSS
Objectivity Simple Example
Getting Started with the BaBar Database
Loading and Running Beta with the Database
Getting started with the BaBar Database (preliminary)
BaBar Databases Homepage
BaBar Database FAQ
BaBar databases: Working with database makefiles

BaBar Hypernews

BaBar HyperNews Forums
BaBar HyperNews Search
Central HyperNews Subscription Page
Physics/Reconstruction/Simulation Forum
Hadronic Bottom/Charm Physics Group
Semileptonic/Radiative-Penguin Physics Group
Authoritative Offline Software Recipes
Preliminary/unconfirmed bugs, problems, frustrations, fixes
Bugs, Problems and Fixes
Remedy Problem Tracking System
Programming Questions
Objectivity/DB and HPSS
Analysis Tools
Particle ID
BABAR Commissioning
Online Releases

Monte Carlo

Event Generators
Simulation Design and GEANT4
Fast Simulation
BBSIM discussion

Physics Working Groups

Working Group 1: CP-violation in Neutral B Meson Decays
Working Group 2: Direct CP Violation and Penguins
Working Group 3: Extraction of Gamma
Working Group 4: Vub and Vcb.
Working Group 5: Rare Decays, and Beyond the Standard Model
Working Group 6: B decay Models
Working Group 7: Other Non-CP B Physics
Working Group 8: Tau, Charm and Two-photon Physics
Working Group 9: Overall Unitarity Triangle Sensitivity
Physics Workshop WG12a
Physics Working Group 12b: Measurement of the angle beta

BABAR/SCS Discussion Forum
Physics Analysis
Fast Simulation
Design of the Common Reconstruction Software
Documentation of BaBar "current" Releases for Physics
Software Release Announcements
Package Release Announcements

Subdetector Software

Silicon Vertex Tracker software
Drift Chamber Software
DIRC Software
Design of the Calorimeter Reconstruction Code
Instrumented Flux Return software
IfrReco package
IfrSim package
IfrDetector package
IfrData package
IfrPid package

Tagging studies
BABAR Physics Workshops Home Page


BaBar Databases Homepage
Getting started with the BaBar Database
BaBar databases: Working with database makefiles
BaBar Database Coding Guidelines & Hints

BaBar Running in the Latest 24 Hours
Chip's J/psi phi Page
Mock Data Challenge 1 Requests
MDC Database Search Form
Mock Data Challenge 2
Collaboration Meeting Information
SLAC Phone Directory: Search Form
PEP-II Accelerator Home Page
PEP-II Accelerator Commissioning Updates
Public Machines at SLAC
BaBar Pictures (ftp)
What's Happening at IR-2?
BaBar Notes
Associators & EMC-Track matching. State of play at tea on the second day.
SLAC Apple Remote Access (ARA) Documentation
Welcome to AutoShare
4.3.6 crashing on AIX due to small virtual memory
BaBar Information
BaBar and STL
BaBar Note 422 - PID
SLAC CUSeeMe Rooms Setup
CU-SeeMe Reflectors for BaBar Collaboration Meetings
BABAR April 1996 Collab Mt Videoconferencing Schedule
BABAR Collaboration Meeting May 12-16th, 1997 Videoconferencing Schedule
BABAR Physics Workshops Home Page
BaBar Physics Working Group 7
4th BaBar Physics Workshop at Cal Tech
[LAL] Third BaBar Physics Workshop : slides
Joe's Talk: BaBar Princton Physics Workshop
MDC1 Production
MDC2 Production
SLAC AFS Users' Guide, Rev. 5
SLAC Network Monitoring Trends
SCS Services/SLAC acct form
BaBar Note Web Form
Reconstruction Design Checklist
Particle Codes
BaBar Software Release Tools Information
BES Barrel Calorimeter Response for Pions and Kaons
PidTools package
PEP-II / BaBar Photos
Objectivity Letter to Collaboration


Yahoo: Joe's ORP monitor
Yahoo! Finance - Major World Indices
GE Login
American Skandia
Travlers Login
TIAA-CREF: Inter/ACT System
CREF 5-Day Value Chart
CREF Morningstar Ratings
CREF Global Equities 30 Day Graph
TIAA Int'l Equity 30 Day Chart
TIAA Int'l Equity 90 Day Chart
Fidelity 403b/ORP-TSA Login
Fidelity Personal Investing Login
Fidelity: Fidelity's Select Portfolios
Fidelity: Market indices in US and abroad
Fidelity: Perspective on Performance Reports
Fidelity Select Software and Computer Services Portfolio 10,000 Graph
Fidelity: Forms Library
Dreyfus Login
CCU - Community Credit Union
Colonial Mortgage
UT Retirement
UT TSA Providers
UT ORP Providers
Historical Charts - MSN Investor
S&P 500 Futures (CME)
Events at the NYSE
Tokyo Stock Echange Holidays
FT MarketWatch
CBS MarketWatch International Indices
Yahoo! Finance - ^SPX
Yahoo! Finance - ^DJI
Yahoo! Finance - FDGFX
Yahoo! Finance - FOSFX
Yahoo! Finance - ^GDAX
Yahoo! Finance - Currency Conversion
Yahoo! Finance - Major World Indices
CNNfn - the financial network
CNNfn - Most recent stories
Tax Forms
Standard & Poor's

Physics Jobs

Physics Today: Classified Ads


C++ Component Series / Version 2
C++ Coding Conventions
Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
Dinkum C/C++ Library Reference
CLHEP - Reference Guide
CLHEP - User Guide
Index of /BFROOT/dist/releases/newest/STLUtility
STL Macros for BaBar
BaBar and STL


Expedia Novaja Usica Map
Expedia Kamyanets-Podil'skiy and Novaja Usica Map
InfoPlease: Kamyanets-Podilskyy
JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy
Welcome to the Ukraine Sig
The Road from Letichev
MapQuest : Map Search Result
BRAMA's Ukraine Travel Tips Bulletin Board
BRAMA Travel - Links
Travel to Ukraine. Map of Ukraine. Khmelnitskyi (Khmelnitskiy)
Travel to Ukrain. Ukrainian towns
InfoUkes Ukrainian Map Server
InfoUkes Ukrainian Road Map
Lonely Planet Thorn Tree - Central & Eastern Europe and the Caucasus
State Agrarian and Engineering Academy in Podilya
Rail Europe: Fares and Schedules
Ukraine Train Schedule
Odessa, Ukraine Train Schedule - UNIPRESS BTD


Apple Japan FTP Server
Index of


Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server
Jeffrey's Kanji Lookup
MacJDic Page
EDICT Information Page
KANJIDIC Information Page
MIT Japanese Language Program Web-based Materials
Jim Breen's Japanese Page
Japanese Writing
JJDict - A Japanse-English Dictionary in Java
Kanji and English
How To Japanese
Technical Japanese Program: Macintosh
Technical Japanese Program: Macintosh Educational
Bridge1 Software Japanese Page
Mac Foreign Language Site
Welcome to Lava Software
AsiaWest Software Inc. Home Page
Sentius: Mikan Japanese Language Software
Sentius: Products & Services
Japanese, Chinese and Korean Software
About the Kanji Conversion Plug-In for Eudora
Japanese Language Learning Web
Japanese Language Information - Main Index
Asian Business Language Workshop

KEK/Tsukuba Living

Foreign Academics in Japan
A Practical Guide to Working as a Scientist in Japan
Restaurants around KEK
Transportation to KEK
Tsukuba Table of Contents
Tsukuba Bus Service
ROB's JAPAN FAQ ( on the Japan Web Guide)
Japanese Manners and Etiquette
TEMPO: KEK and Tsukuba Living
NSF Tokyo Map

Visa Info

Japanese Embassy Addresses in North America
Visa Info from San Francisco Consulate
Visa info from Atlanta Consulate
Teaching English in Japan: Travel and Visa Guide


Discovering ORIGAMI
Fascinating Folds - Home Page
Jasper's Guide to Paperfolding Instructions on the Web
Bob Shuster's Origami Page
Mark's Origami Olio
Janet Hamilton's List of Origami Sources
Joseph Wu's Origami Site

Apple Japan


Gaijin Scientist
A Guide to Japanese Visas
Tokyo Q - August 29
Computing and Networking: ISSHO - Tide you over FAQ
Nikkei Sattelite News
Japanese Language Education and International School
Library of Congress - Japan Country Study
Japan Youth Hostel Association
Lonely Planet - Travellers' reports on Japan
Japan: Travel, Leisure, Sports
Japan Travel Updates
Japan Travel Updates
Japan Travel Updates
Youth Hostels in Japan
Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server
Chiron's Survival Japanese Course
PhotoGuide Japan/PhotoRepair
Japan-US Research Collaboration
Japanese Elementary Education and Children of Foreign Researchers
Opening Word 6 J files in Word 6 US
Tokyo, Japan Weather
Airi-chan's Home Page
Mont Fuji
Climbing Mt Fuji
TravelASSIST - Mt Fuji Japan Climbing Fools
Osaka Tourist Information
Fuji bus
Tsukuba Mountain and Hiking Club
Japanese Train Schedules (BIJ)
Japan Rail
Acces to Kagoshima

WWW Search

MetaCrawler Searching
CyberSleuth-Kids A K-12 Homework Helper,Educational Search Engine and Directory.
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
The Scout Toolkit Homepage
Alta Vista: url:slac.stan & search_string
AltaVista: Translations
W3 Search Engines
UTD Search the WWW Page
Lycos Search Form
Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth
The Internet Registry
WebCrawler Searching
Search Engine Tutorial

Telephone Directories

AT&T 800 Directory on the Internet
BigBook Directory Search
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages - Home Page
Four11 White Page Directory
Joe's Four11 Entry
WhoWhere? PeopleSearch
CSU Phone Book (gopher)
Yahoo! People Search


Belle Home Page
Belle/KEKB operations
Belle Member Phone List
Belle Software Subgroup
BelleSoftware HyperNews
Belle Computing Subgroup
ACC-WWW KEKB home page
KEK Network Group
BAW97 Homepage
Belle secretary -- Sakamoto
Belle C++ working group (This page is originally stolen from CLEO)
Query Interface to the Contents of Belle WWW Broker
GEANT4 Home Page
About the Book: Scientific and Engineering C++
Michael Ogg's C++ Lectures
Belle C++ Lectures

GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs Online Documentation
GNU Manuals ftp Archive

ftp sites

CU-SeeMe site
Lime Music Notation Demo
nuntius site
HTML SuperText ftp site
Peter Lewis ftp mirror sites
NSF Proposal (Mac 5.1) Forms
Mac ARP/ATP Forms
Adobe PPD files for Mac
GNU ftp Site
America Online

RealAudio/Xing StreamWorks/Internet AV

KPIG Radio- Start Streamworks (USA)

CNN Audioselect
House of Blues Concert Archive
The Virtual Jewish Music Listening Station
Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio & RealVideo
Live Now RealAudio Events Directory
RealAudio: ABC News
RealAudio: NPR
Listen to Cool 106 FM, Live on AudioNet Radio
AudioNet Presents: KLIF - Live !
RealVideo Showcase
ichat, inc. Home Page
ichat Technical Support - Clients

Xing StreamWorks

StreamWorks 2.0 Sites
Xing Technology Corporation
Xing: StreamWorks Internet Audio and Video
StreamWorks(tm) for MacOS
KPIG Radio - CyberSwine World Headquarters
Cool StreamWorks Sites
NBC (Xing)
The Electric Magic Company

Other Internet AV

Free World Dialup II - Welcome!
NetRadio Registration
Voice Over Net FAQ
Internet Multicasting Service
Welcome to Global Videoconferencing Solutions
Video and the Internet -- Bookmarks
TechWire: PCMCIA video article
New COMPRO D-Cam Digital Camera
Precept Software, Inc.
Internet Phone for the Macintosh
Download Internet Phone for Power Macintosh
FreeVue Telecommunications Network
Intelligence at Large/Being There videoconferencing
iVisit: The Product (Tim Dorcey)
PGPfone Home Page
The VDOLive Gallery
Voxware - ToolVox FAQs
CINECOM Corporation - Video Conferencing (CineVideo/Direct)
ClearPhone Macintosh Advanced Internet & Appletalk telephone
ClearPhone Macintosh Advanced Internet & Appletalk telephone
ClearPhone Download Sites
Toshiba Computer Systems: Video Conferencing
VideumCam Traveler
United Space Alliance NASA-TV Video (Netscape)
SPACEZONE € SpaceZone's Audio Broadcast


Phone Patch Instructions
A guide to Internet telephony
CU-SeeMe (Cornell) Welcome Page
WhitePine CU-SeeMe Home Page!
White Pine Technical Support via CU-SeeMe HelpDesk
QSeeMe 0.80a
Disassembling a QuickCam
SLAC CUSeeMe Rooms Setup
Videoconferencing at SLAC
Link Communications Inc.
Joe's CHEP'97 Abstract
Power Macintosh: Video Capture With AV System (6/94)
Power Macintosh: AV Video Card, Video Inputs (12/94)
Plaintalk Microphone Jack
Web Reflector Scanner
The Mac Videoconferencing Fun Site
CU-SeeMe V3.1 Preview Read Me
CUSeeMe for Os/2


Connectix Corporation Home Page
The Connectix QuickCam (according to Sattler)
QuickCam for Macintosh FAQs
QuickCam for Windows FAQs

User's Guides and FAQs

CU-SeeMe Slide Window Guide
Dorcey Article
Bill Woodland's CU-SeeMe Info Page (PC FAQ)
CU-SeeMe Table of Contents
Streak's CU-Seeme Info Page
CuSeeMe User's Guide Index
CU-SeeMe Development Mailing List Archives
CU-SeeMe Operating Tips
CU-SeeMe Resources for BaBar
CU-SeeMe <=> nv/vat
Joe's Guide to Running MBone(nv/vat) Tools With CU-SeeMe
CU-SeeMe Users Guide for Windows
Joe's Guide to Connecting to IHEP with CU-SeeMe

CU-SeeMe Usage Examples

SLAC CUSeeMe Rooms Setup
Pan and Tilt Test
Welcome to Spin Cycle
Live CUSeeMe Keg Tapper Brewcast
CU-SeeMe: Rolf Hemmerling
ISP-TV Home Page
DV 2.0 -> CU-SeeMe Addicts Anonymous
Regional Colleges Sattelite Project
CU-SeeMe Event: English 309, Computers & Writing
Busbey CUSM Friends Page 1
CU-SeeMe (Urban Desires article)
Global SchoolNet Supports the Scientist-on-Tap Project
JASON Project
Welcome to CU-SeeMe Schools!
Take Your Daughter To Work Day
BABAR April 1996 Collab Mt Videoconferencing Schedule

CU-SeeMe add-ons

QSeeMe: A CU-SeeMe Client for Linux
GeekTalk Home Page

Reflectors (CU-SeeMe)

Godette's Reflector, etc.
Reflectors For CU-SeeMe
Directory of /pub/cu-seeme/Reflector
List of reflectors


NASA Television on CU-SeeMe
NASA_TV on the Internet
NASA Television Schedule (1)
NASA Television Schedule (2)


The MBone VCR Page
Other MBONE Information Sites
MBone Broadcast Schedule
1996 MBone Broadcast Schedule
Old Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Multicast Backbone (MBONE)
Dan's Quick and Dirty Guide to MBONE
MBone Introduction
MBONE Information Web
JIPS MBone index Page
LBNL Audio Conferencing Tool (vat)
UCB/LBNL Video Conferencing Tool (vic)
Assigned Multicast Addresses
ftp site for sd, vat, vic, wb
ftp site for nv
UCB/LBNL Video Conferencing Tool (vic)
Multi-Session Bridge Software
PC Mbone Tools: Updates
Stardust IP Multicast Initiative
Introduction to IP Multicast Routing
How IP Multicast Works
IP Multicast Glossary of Terms

QuickTime Conferencing

QuickTime Conferencing Web Installer
Quicktime TV Webcast
Apple QuickTime Conferencing
Apple QuickTime Conferencing Demo
WWDC WebCast QuickTime TV Download
Apple QuickTime Conferencing Webcast
WWDC WebCast Calendar
Quicktime TV Grammy Webcast
WWDC WebCast
QuickTime Home
QuickTime TV Internet Tools
Upcoming QuickTime Live! events

National Labs

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
SLAC Home Page
SLAC Instituional Page
Wilson Lab/CLEO/CESR Entry Page
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Brookhaven National Laboratory
CERN Welcome
LLNL High Energy Physics Group
Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing
DESY Welcome Page
KEK Welcome
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Distance Learning

Institutional Transformation to a Learning Web
Teaching and Learning Search
Your CASO Guide: The Internet University
The Virtual Prof.'s Physics Shop
Quiz Resource
The "No Significant Difference" Phenomenon


DPF 2000
Homepage of CHEP '98
Homepage CHEP97
1997 Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics:
Physics in Collision `97
DPF96 Home Page
Abstracts and Papers
Abstracts, DPF96
ICHEP96 - Warsaw 25-31 July 1996
ICHEP96 - Schedule
ICHEP'96 - Abstracts Received for parallel session: 5. Production and decays of heavy flavours
SUPERCOMM '96 - Event Schedule
Computer/Telephony Directions
Conferences - DVC '96 EAST

Music and Dance


Chris's Banjo Page
Banjo Tablature Archive


Clarinet Fingering Guide
Clarinet Fingering Guide - Australian Mirror
Clarinet Fingering Guide - French Mirror
Clarinet Frequently Asked Questions
Online Clarinet Resource
Frank Madison's Clarinet Page
The Clarinet Page from MIT
The Clarinet Page from Australia
Will Marler's Clarinet Page
Will Marler's Clarinet Fingering Chart
Michael Moors' Clarinet (Crescendo enhanced) home page
ECS (Lime music notation)


CDSS Webserver
a List of regularly scheduled Contradances...
Contradance Local Web pages by state
Austin, TX Contra dancing
North Texas Traditional Dance Society
BACDS Calendar
NTTDS - Regional Dance Events
Bob's Contra Page

Instrument, Music, Record Companies

Bargain Finder agent prototype
The Jewish Music (Tara) Page
House of Musical Traditions home page
Shanachie Entertainment
Elderly Instruments Welcome
Tom Morgan's Record Label Mega-list
Indie Record Labels
Yahoo - Business and Economy:Companies:Music:Labels
The Music Industry Contact List

Old Time

Old-Time Music Home Page
Old-Time Music Resources On The Web
Old Time Music on the Web
Sounds of Old-Time Music
The Old-Time Herald
Old Time Music on the Radio (OTR)
Ceolas: The Fiddler's Companion
Ceolas: TuneIndex search


Ari Davidow's Klezmer Page
Bill Averback's Klez Transcriptions
Austin Klezmorim

Yahoo - Entertainment:Music:Genres
The Blue Highway
Digital Tradition Folk Song Full Text Search
Dirty Linen Home Page
The Bodhrán Page
15th Annual North Texas Irish Festival
The Pogues: In the wake of the Medusa
Gilbert and Sullivan Archive Home Page
Stanford Savoyards Home Page
G&S Archive Web Operas Home Page
Gilbert and Sullivan Archive MIDI Home Page

Inline Skating FAQ
TOM's Inline SK-8 Page
The Official Hardcore Inline Page
In-line Skating
San Francisco, Bay Area Skate - Home
Inline Online
Inline USA
Skating the Infobahn
Mailorder Skates: GUI
Fast Forward Skate Shop
Roces HQ


Ski Web Home Page
INTELLiCast: ski reports
Backcountry Home Page : hiking camping backpacking trekking
Backcountry Commercial Pages
FAQ for alt.books.isaac-asimov
Never Summer Nordic Yurts
WEFT-FM Welcome Page
Visit Your National Parks
US National Parks (NPS) Flora and Fauna Database (Information Center for the Environment - ICE)
USDA Forest Service Recreation Home Page
National Forest Imagemap

Bay Area Recreation

List of Bay Area Bike Maps
The City of San Mateo: PARKS AND RECREATION: Locations
Palo Alto Parks


Texas Parks and Wildlife WWW server
Dallas Entertainment Guide


CooperSmith's Pub, Brewery, and Gift Shop
Rocky Mountain National Park
Arapaho. Roosevelt, Pawnee Nat. Forests/Grassland
NE/N.Cen Colorado Nat Forest InfoNational Forest Information
Colorado Outdoors
City of Fort Collins Colorado, Main Switch Board
FortNet Home Page


AT&T Business Traveler
American Airlines Home Page
American Airlines Flight Schedule Request
American Airlines Flight Information
AAdvantage Travel Awards Program
Delta Air Lines Home Page
United Airlines
United Reservations
NWA WorldWeb
Airlines on WWW
Travel Hotlinks - Airlines
Domestic-International Airlines
Travel Info. -- Beijing
Airline Tickets Wholesale
All Seasons Smart Travler: Your discount airfare travel agent
American International Travel Agency
FAQ on Discount Airline Tickets
AESU Flights - Low-Cost Airfares to Europe
The GNN/Koblas Currency Converter
164 Currency Converter by Olsen & Associates
FRBNY 10 A.M. Foreign Exchange Rates
Yahoo! Maps


Hotels 5eme arrondissement
Paris Pages; Hotels Paris et/and Environs
Paris Pages; Metro / RER / Bus

CityGuide Berlin Application v1.0

HyperCard, WebSTAR, AppleScript

(Orensteins's cgi's) Site Mechanics
MacScripting (AppleScripting)
Introducing LiveCard!: Page 1


Official Apple Pages/Sites

Apple Forums

Apple: Technical Support Online
Powerbook 3400 Forum
Location Manager Forum
MacOS 8 Forum

Apple WWW Internet Sites
Apple Software Archive
Apple Computer World Wide Technical Support Home Page
Apple Personal Web Sharing
Apple Developer Services and Products
eWorld on the Web
MacInTouch Home Page
QuickTime Conferencing
QuickTime VR
Internet Address Detectors for Mac OS 8
Macintosh: PlainTalk Audio Port Microphone Support (2/95)
macsbug ftp site
MacsBug for PowerPC - Jun 95
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WearCam: The link between cyberspace and ``lightspace''
Star Trek rarwI'
toDbaj De'
Star Trek: The Exhibition
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Plano, Texas
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Daniel L. MacIsaac
National Institute for Science Education
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WLH - Physics
Proof of Concept: Interactive Video


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Physical Review D - Accepted
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The Nine Planets
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Night of the Comet: Big Fun with Hyakutake
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Science Learning Network
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Miami Museum of Science-Main Menu
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UC Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits
LBL ITG Whole Frog Project
Welcome to Chem4Kids!
Monarch Watch
Monarch Watch - Texas Monarch Watch
Kid's Web
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Uncle Bob's Kids' Page
The StarChild Project: Connecting NASA and the K12 Classroom
Welcome to Internet for Kids
Hangman (game!) Page
National Schoolnet Atlas
VolcanoWorld Home Page

Physics Simulations (Java)

The MSMS Online Guide To Physics
Syracuse Physics - Modules & Simulations
Teaching Physics with the WWW
NutGUI Raúl García
Ulysses Manoeuvre Simulation
Calculus rules!
Numerical Methods Lecture Notes
Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution (Course)


The Mozilla Museum
Table Demonstration: Encyclopedia Mozilla
Dynamic Document Demonstration
Dynamic Document Demonstration
Netscape Easter Eggs
Continuously Refreshing Fishcam image

Plano I.S.D.
Keith Mitchell's Apple Ed Bookmarks
New Moon Magazine
Teachers.Net Homepage Maker
The Teachers.Net Website Handbook
Grades page
Laser Point Software Publishing
Youth Central =
CLN WWW Home Page
The Why Files
Hotlist for Education
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
IPL The Internet Public Library
Boulder Valley School District
Games Domain
Happy Puppy Software Games Onramp Home Page
EDUCOM-Home Page
Internet Chess Library
Fixation Internet Chess Server Client
KSU Physics Education Group
Richard MacLemale's Cool Classroom Software Page!
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources
TIPTOP: TIPTOP: Physics Around the World
Hewlett-Packard Test & Measurement Educators Corner
Expanding Universe: a classified search tool for amateur astronomy
MACH25 Scholarship Search

Surfing the WWW

(The Spider's Web) The Spider's Pick of the Day

Imaging Software (MRI, CT, EROS,Š)

EROS home page
The DEM Reader Page
SPIDER: Overview


The Inside Story - A Guide to Indoor Air Quality
EPA's Indoor Air Quality Home Page
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)

The Scout Report for Science and Engineering - September 17, 1997
MacDirectory Software Downloads
No Wonder Computer Support
AT&T Products and Services
Terry Morse Software, Inc.
Directory of /pub/neeri/MacPerl
Physics Page
Energy Research Application Guide
The 1997 WWW Review of Particle Physics Particle Listings
CERN writeups ordered by categories
iREZ Research Corporation Homepage
PowerBook 3400 modem: problems and solutions
Editing OT/PPP Modem Scripts
LinuxPPC- Linux for PowerPC Systems
MacFixIt (Home Page)
NetMeeting Home
Welcome To MapQuest!
Mars Global Surveyor - Welcome to Mars!
NASA Shuttle Web: STS-87
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn
NASA Shuttle-Mir Web
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn
Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!
STScI/HST Public Information
WWW-Finger Gateway with Faces
Tokyo Subway Map
How Things Work Home Page
Fidelity: My Account
Webcam32 - The ULTIMATE Webcam software
Distributed Histogramming Package
Numerical Recipes in Fortran
The Cross-Platform Page: Encoding and Compression Formats
A Web of On-line Dictionaries
Hypertext Webster Gateway at UCSD
Microsoft Word 97-98 Import Converter
Webdo - Presse asiatique
Manual 4.0 Frames
Forum 2Decv97 Minutes
NIH Image Home Page
Electronic Desktop Project - Virtual Earthquake! Earth's Biggest Bookstore
Standard Template Library
Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library
Matt's Script Archive
The CGI Collection
Poor Richard's Links
Finderpop (shareware) turly's almost graphics-free home page
List of useful links from Tairan
Mac Music MIDI FretPet
Fidelity NetBenefits
Best Book Buys Home Page
The FM88 Live Show
Secure Shell (SSH) at SLAC
Network Associates Downloads - Updates
PhotoGuide Japan/PhotoRepair
PC Magazine: NetTools - Videoconferencing on the Net (12/16/97)
Polycom - Audio Products
Mac Today Magazine
Download Mulberry Now
CLHEP - A Class Library for High Energy Physics
(TeXtures) Blue Sky Research
TN 1118: Unlocking GDHandles Considered Harmful
Forms And Publications - IRS
VSE (animation software) Downloads
Marvelous new Muon and Pion NNOSelectors available
Apple - Software Updates
Webcam32 - The ULTIMATE Webcam software
The MacPerl Pages
ThinkSpace Inc. - MapII GIS
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Mac GS Viewer -- Manual
Mac startup keys
AudioNet Radio Station Guide
Alsoft Home
Excalibur Latex Spell Checker
New Scientist Planet Science: The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
Virtual Embryo
Learn Physics Today!
Zona Land, physics, science, mathematics, algebra, geometry, functions, fractals, trigonometry, high school, education
Blast from the Past Home Page
Microsoft NetShow - Software Download
BBC News *nil*
Monolith Internet Services
Recent INFO-MAC Summary
Marketplace - Travel
HEP Virtual Phonebook
Forum 10 February 1998 Minutes
PictureTalk Conference Server: Getting Started
ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
Trina's White Dragon Page
HEP documents
Macintosh on the Internet: Program List
Streak's CU-Seeme Info Page
MeetingPoint Conference Server Login
Spacer's Enhanced Reflector
Printer Drivers: Macintosh
Printer Drivers Macintosh PostScript Printer Descriptions Files
Secure Online Order Form
Timecast: Your RealMedia Guide
Newer Technology
Physical Review Focus Home Page
The Science and Engineering of Composting
The Chronicle of Higher Education - Job Openings - Physics and astronomy
Release 5.6.1 is available
MDCII Production
Information about the Netscape disk cache
About Plug-ins
Information about the Netscape global history
Documentation, Communication and Information
Paradise Software Home Page
Buy/Sell at the SportingAuction the Online Auction for Sports: Golfing, Biking, Snowboarding, inline skating, Vacations, Fitness
PowerBook 3400 modem: problems and solutions
WebSter's Dictionary 2.0
The Official Sheepshead Bay High School 1972/73 Reunion Site
USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO), Home Page
Galileo Solid State Imaging Full Data Releases
BaBar Software Releases FAQ
Portable PowerBook PCI Expansion System
The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
MusicianStore Home
Boyer Improving Undergrad Education
CWP at
GIF image 2125x1417 pixels
Web Support Center for eXodus(tm|reg): Frequently Asked Questions
Dallas Inline Skate Club
Network Associates Downloads - Updates
PGPfone Home Page
USNO Astrographic Catalogue 2000
This Dynamic Planet
Moments and Centroids: from See-Saws to Integrals
ODE Phase Plane Plotter
Moths of North America
International Adventure Club
XCOM: Photon Cross Sections Database
Jobs in Higher Education
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)
Physical Sciences Resource Center
Plate Tectonics
Apple Corps of Dallas - Intranet BBS
Beam Line
The HyperCard Resource Page
HyperCard Heaven - Home
HyperCard: Teach Yourself HyperCard
CaribChat Macintosh C.U See Me Plug Ins and Files.
Burbs time zone converter
Download Drivers
Paradigm Matrix Home Page
Request for Support via E-mail for MeetingPoint Users
CU-SeeMe Final Project Report
CU-SeeMe Docs: Contents
General Databases Information
Pine Information Center
Vertexing Tools
ssh sources
Secure Shell (SSH) at SLAC
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
Index of /mueller/Course/Tutorial/Postscript/
Information about the Netscape disk cache
BABAR Physics
Ancient Scotland Tour - Home
1997 Hacks
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Documentation, Communication and Information
Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
OnScreen Science, Inc.® Home Page
Galileo Galilei, Ms. Gal. 72
J-Track Satellite Tracking
The Nobel Channel
Forms And Publications - IRS
Office 98 Macintosh Edition Known Issues
Fingering Chart
Home Page - The National Atlas of the United States of America
Resources Atlas - Natural Resources Canada
The Vimage Store
MapFanWeb ÉCÉìÉ^Å[ÉlÉbÉgínê}åüçžÉTÅ[ÉrÉX
Setting up and using WebCamToo
Hitchhiker's Guide to Tsukuba
Papers from the UCSB High Energy Physics Group
ACC-WWW KEKB home page
AAAAA - A Prism Refractor Video Server - Introductory page
Welcome to MacFinder
Mac the Scope
Standard C
The Care and Feeding of BaBar
BaBar Computing FAQ Homepage
Alsoft Home
ICHEP'98 - Home
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
Araya Piano Studio
GNU Documentation
G4 Niigata WS Slides
EPSON Corporate Information - Contact Information
ClassPoint Case Study
RNA for Macintosh: The TCP/IP Control Panel
City of Plano, TX-Plano Public Library
WebPAC: Search Input for University of Texas at Dallas
BABAR Drift Chamber Project
Welcome to TAS v5.3
Chapter 3: User Commands for All Administrators
Project Galileo
Excalibur Latex Spell Checker
Physics 1443
IPNetRouter Product Information
PID Lists in Beta
Contact TCI.NET
YP Refraction
Fowler's Physics Applets
BaBar Software C++ LIGHT Interface: Project Page for BaBar Software
Kinesis Home Page
UT Dallas, Technology Customer Services
Home of the MacBinary Specification
info.html - The MP3 resource on the Internet
Annual Review of Physical Sciences
fitting Psi-Ks with FastVtx
BABAR Software Documentation
Advanced Networking Infrastructure
Graduate Catalog 1998-2000, University of Texas at Dallas
Adobe Technical Support - Support Databases
PDFzone.COM is your online hub to all things Acrobat & pdf
Welcome to How Stuff Works
Today on FedNet!
Fox News
TabPerfect - free tab writing software for the Macintosh
Hebrew Fonts
Yamada Yiddish WWW Guide
The Yiddish Voice
Dave's Math Tables
UTD Batch Computing
Apple - Complaint? Tell Us - Physics, science, engineering reference, resource and education
PlanetK-12 - Your Web. Your Way.
Franklin Inst. Science units for kids
About Rainbows
The Learning Kingdom
How things Work
ShareWay IP 2.0
The THX Digital Dude: THX, SDDS, DTS, Dolby, Digital, Dude, Digitally Remastered, Reverse Speech, Macromedia, Shockwave, Flash, Bryce, Lightwave, Truespace, 3DS MAX, MIDI, MP3, Mpeg Layer 3, Mpeg Layer III, Wavetable Synthesis, Tutorials, Comparisons, Song, Sing, Electric Blues, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guitar, Cool, Awesome, Wow, Amazing, Exciting, Information, How To Eat Properly, Fit For Life, food combining chart, Food, Eat, Digest, Digestion, Combine, Chinese Horoscopes, Chinese Horoscope, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar, Seven Chakras, Human, Body, Bodies, Reverse Speech, Mars Pathfinder Mission, NASA, Cydonia, Coverup, Satellite Photos, Images, Microsoft TerraServer, Words of Wisdom, Surf, Read, Think, Know, Expand, Learn, Experience!
1999 Physics in Collision Home Page
Comera and Meteor Showers
ICQ/CBAT/MPC: Recent Comet Magnitudes
Physical Review Focus
The Abilene Project
The Internet2 Project
Columbia Center for New Media Teaching & Learning
Terrestrial Impact Craters
Linear Algebra Website
Part 5: Uncertainty
Science and Mathematics Consortium for Northwest Schools
BaBar Reconstruction Releases for Production Running
BetaUser Guide
College Savings Plans Network
Saunders College Publishing
Tsunami!: The WWW Tsunami Information Resource
Pid Tutorial
HEPpc: Linux Resources for High Energy Physics
Index of BaBar Shifts
BaBar Detector Operations
Pure Mac: Internet Phone & Video Conferencing
SLAC User Organization - SLUO Home Page
uBid Online Auction
SLAC's CGI Script Security Wrapper
Parks Information
Download MacTuner
Production Validation Cookbook
Sky Atlas (Aladin java)
Re: 3400 Running Hot
PowerBook Temperatures
UT System EGI Homepage
Soccer Rules
Moss Beach Online - MKTW - MKTW
Windows NT at SLAC
Jonas Walldén: NiftyTelnet 1.1 SSH
Beam Parameter Plots
Monte Carlo Production Code Tracking Page
Raeding internal pages at SLAC remotely
Z-Shell Frequently-Asked Questions
BaBar Glossary Search Tool
Essay 1/ pg1- So you've never built a Web page?
SLAC-R-343 -- Proceedings of the Tau-Charm Factory Workshop: Stuy of Tau, Charm and J/Psi Physics, Development of High Luminosity e+e- Rings, Design of e+e- Detectors for Tau-Charm Physics - Foreign Exchange Rates - Major Currencies
Pokémon Kakeru Ka Na (AFC)
Pokémon Invasion: Multimedia
DataBase Configuration for Monte Carlo Production Page
BABAR Particle ID
McDermott Library homepage
Network Monitoring for the BaBar Collaboration.
Babar Dataflow Monitoring (SLAC Only)
Batch Computing
Configuring CpuCheck (wasRe: Graceful End to Killed Jobs?)
The Integrator
Dave's Math Tables
Dave's Math Tables
BABAR Particle ID #3
Run Number in Beta?
A cut against low energy noise in the EMC
ROOT Access to Conditions Data
Hadron ID Working Group
Van Dyke Technologies, Inc. - Software that works.
Physical Review & Physical Review Letters Manuscript Submission
American Physical Society - Playground Physics
Introduction to ROOT
Netmarket | Save Time. Save Money. Save Your Sanity.
MP3 TidBITS article
Seminars Schedule
Live Image from Eyes on the skies
North Texas Skywatch
Remedy Problem Tracking Page
Linux For BaBar
UTD Cental Stores Catalog
Ask Dr. Farallon
Gifconv - GIF to Postscript conversion
Outpost Sunsport - Fort Collins shop for ski, snowboard, and mountain enthusiasts
Computational Physics -- 3rd/4th Year Option
CONUS Per Diem Homepage
Jefunira Camp
Columbia House
WorldCell Homepage
CM: Connected Models
Real-Time Space Weather Status
Lecture Notes : Methods of Mathematical Physics I
Physics Analysis Workstation - PAW
APS - Division of Physics of Beams
How IFR chambers status affects MuonID?
BARE FEATS, the real world speed site for the performance minded Macintosh user
BaBar Software Tutorials : Major World currency rates
PEP-II/BaBar Personnel Reports
UTD Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual
North Texas Healthcare Network
Aso-san Yahoo Map
Welcome to Cellhire!
U.S Cellular Phone Rentals, Europe GSM Cell Phone and Satellite Rental
CLUB DAIKAIJU: The Source for Japanese Monster Merchandise on the World Wide Web
The Ultra[man] FAQ
Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients Calculator
EGI Homepage
Skim Task Force
RealPlayer Home Page

Media Radio Tuner

The Second Superstring Revolution
Detector Operations Home
Basic CVS commands used by BaBar:
DPF 2000
Setting up MBone tools for Windows95/NT, Macintosh Unix
Out-Of-State Meal And Lodging Rates
SMSI:VideoLink pro for Mac Home Page
Welcome to Microsoft Product Support Services
Apple Support Discussions - Mac OS 9 - 9.0.4 Discussions
Pole Vault
Physics News Graphics
News Release: AN ABSORBING JOB: Physicist Uses Science to Pull off GOP National Convention
CERN Statistics Workshop
Radial Probability Applet for the Hydrogen Atom
This Year's mini (esd) - Where the Multiple Mass Hypotheses are Stored
Chinese Mac Home
AppleCare Tech Info Library -Japanese Language Kit: Selecting The Kana Keyboard
UTD/McAfee VirusScan Download Site
Complications of Anterior Repairs
Shoulder Instability
Shoulder Stability Works Movie
The Shoulder Source
Virtual Hospital: ElectricJointFluoroscopy©: Anatomy of the Shoulder
American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons
American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Online - Listen to Music
CNNfn - the financial network
Chankstore Freefont Archive
Astigmatic One Eye Foundry Freeware Fonts > Variable Annuity ScoutingReport Finalists
InCDius: the Java CD Player - NetCD 2.0
Welcome To Village Records Troubleshooting for your Mac
SLUO Lectures on Statistics in HEP
Free fonts, tips, and tools for Mac or PC: - Global Markets update
KinderStart - Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions!
Texas Faculty Association
CyberSleuth-Kids A K-12 Homework Helper,Educational Search Engine and Directory.
CDF Statistics Committee Web Page
JPEG image 531x443 pixels
SCHL 2000-2001 Playoff Report
SCHL Newsroom
SCHL 2000-2001 Playoff Report
Lodging in Ithaca
Installation Instructions for Mac OS X OldWorld Support
Getting Started with Interactive Beta
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
Mac-FL: Language Studies for Macintosh
Translate Web Pages Automatically
Search results
Home Page
HEP2001 Homepage
Lonely Planet - Travellers' reports on Ukraine
Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Ukraine | Introduction
Google Search:
AWUG's Updater.3CD
[ The Republic of Moldova site ]
Nomina - Table of Contents
Search results SweetWater Guardian Filter
Jews in the Vinnitsa