Online Neuroscience Lectures

·       iBioSeminars

1.     Learning and Memory: From Synapse to Perception

2.     Optical studies of individual synapses

3.     The Vertebrate Retina: Structure, Function, and Evolution

·       The Science Network lectures on Neuroscience

·       Royal Society Lectures

1.     Plasticity of the brain: the key to human development, cognition and evolution - Colin Blakemore

2.     Brain development and brain repair: Molecules and mechanisms that control neuronal wiring - Marc Tessier-Lavigne

3.     A molecular window into speech and language - Dr Simon Fisher

4.     Constructing a nervous system

·       MIT Lectures  (requires Real Player to view)

1.     Neurobiology of Memory: How Do We Acquire, Consolidate and Recall Memory – Susumu

2.     The Changing Brain - Mark Bear

3.     Architecture of the Brain - Elly Nedivi

4.     Vision: Challenges and Prospects - Pawan Sinha

5.     2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology Nobel Lecture - Robert Horvitz

6.     Cognitive Control: Understanding the Brain's Executive - Earl K. Miller

7.     Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language - Steven Pinker

·       Conference on Brain Network Dynamics – 2007

1.     Brain Plasticity - Michael Merzenich

·       The Storage and Persistence of Memory – Eric Kandel

·       Dana Foundation (Appropriate for non-scientific audiences)

·       UCLA Joint Seminars in Neuroscience – Eight years of archived basic and clinical neuroscience talks

1.     "Substrates of Rapid Plasticity in Developing Cortex" Michael P. Stryker, Ph.D.

2.     "Synaptic Mechanisms for Experience-Dependent Plasticity in Rat Somatosensory Cortex" Dan E. Feldman

·       Rice University: Neuroscience Lectures (requires Real Player to view)

1.     Cortical Dynamics and Visual Perception" - Charles D. Gilbert

2.      "Attention as an Organ System” - Michael I. Posner

3.     "The Hippocampus and Declarative Memory: Cognitive Mechanisms and Neural Codes" - Howard Eichenbaum

4.     Brain Overview Michael P. Stryker and Huda Zoghbi

·       NIH Video Archive: Neuroscience Seminar Series (may require Real Player to view)

1.     Algorithms for Perceptual Grouping in the Primate Brain Pieter R. Roelfsema

2.     Neurocircuitry of Incentive-based Learning: Linking Connectivity to Function and Disease - Suzanne Haber

3.     Binocular Function in Strabismus - Jonathan Horton

4.     Mouse Genetic Models of Autism-Related Traits: How Do We Know When We Have One? – Richard Paylor

5.     Plasticity of the Somatosensory System in Mature and Developing Primates - Jon H. Kaas

6.     Control of Synapse Number and Strength in Developing Cortical Networks - Gina Turrigiano

7.     Postsynaptic Mechanisms of Plasticity - Morgan Sheng

8.     Stability and Plasticity in Primate Visual Development - J. Anthony Movshon

9.     Molecular Control of Cortical Connectivity - Anirvan Ghosh

10.                        Functions of Electrical Coupling in Inhibitory Networks of the Neocortex - Barry Connors

11.                        Prefrontal Cortex and the Neural Basis of Cognition - Earl Miller

12.                        Basal Ganglia and Cerebellar 'Loops' within the Cerebral Cortex: Motor and Cognitive Circuits - Peter Strick

13.                        Diversity of GABAergic Neurons and Spike Timing in the Cerebral Cortex - Peter Somogyi

14.                        Reward Processing in Primate Basal Ganglia and Frontal Cortex - Wolfram Schultz

15.                        A Thorny Path to Memories: Dendritic Spines, Neurotrophins and their Role in Synaptic Plasticity  - Tobias Bonhoeffer

16.                        Brain Waves and Immune Genes in Brain Wiring During Development - Carla Shatz

17.                        Neural Mechanisms of Human Cognition: Insights from Brain Imaging Studies - Leslie G. Ungerleider

18.                        The Dynamic Brain - Terry Sejnowski

19.                        Homeostatic Regulation of Synaptic Structure and Function - Graeme Davis

20.                        Nobel Laureates, 2000 - 1) Molecular Biology of Memory and Its Disorders: Some Societal Implications 2) The Neurobiology of Slow Synaptic Transmission - Eric R. Kandel and Paul Greengard

21.                        The Ingredients of Language - Steven Pinker

22.                        Know Stroke - Know the Signs - Act in Time

·       Others

1.   Picower Institute Inaugural Symposium: The Future of the Brain

2.   Vega Science Trust

3.   Magnetic brain stimulation: what can it tell us about brain function? – Alan Cowey FRS

4.   Talk on how brain controls body

5.   Royal Society  

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