I am a Computer Science researcher and educator. Anything in the broarder AI field interests me, but particularly areas where AI and human language converge:

  • natural language processing
  • natural language generation
  • machine learning
  • information retrieval
  • text mining and data mining


Computer Science is not just a pathway to a great career, it is an intellectually challenging field that is continually evolving. I seek to instill a sense of curiosity, creativity, and persistence in students in classroom discussions, and by designing assessments and assignments that allow students to individually demonstrate their knowledge and skills.


My primary research interests are focused on finding algorithms for advancing the state of the art of Natural Language Generation and Natural Language Understanding. Discovering techniques that move us closer to AI approximations of how humans produce and understand language is the most exciting challenge facing AI researchers. I am particularly interested in techniques that can be applied to educational technology.
Prior to receiving my PhD, in collaboration with my husband, we published a series of microprocessor textbooks that are used around the world. I am currently investigating potential projects combining my interest in AI with embedded systems.


  • 2015 NAACL Co-chair Student Research Workshop
  • Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
  • Mentor, Women Mentoring Women in Engineering
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