Design Improvements for the Zenith 601 HDS: Gear Stop by AN4 Bolt

Gear Stop by AN4 Bolt

The main gear is not so easy to install, since the bungee chords are preloaded when the gear is fully extended. Yet, there is a simple fix that makes installation a cinch and that does away with the unsightly safety-wired top cap of the gear above the wing. The gear is put into the wing without bungee chord. On the gear tube it is marked how far the tube sticks out of the bracket holding the lower gear bearing, when the gear is fully extended. Then the gear is removed, and a 1/4 inch hole is drilled through the gear tube just above the bearing bracket. An AN4 bolt is inserted and held in place by a nylon stop nut. Sealer is added on both sides so that moisture cannot enter the tube. Care must be taken when tightening the nut so that the tube does not become distorted.

Once the bolt has been added, the bungee chord can be assembled on the bench, with the gear clamped in a vise. The entire gear, with bungee, is inserted into the wing and the lower bracket is bolted in place. Note that in the extended position, the entire bungee force is handled by the AN4 bolt. Thus, on top of the wing, one only needs a slender cover plate.