Design Improvements for the Zenith 601 HDS: Gust Lock

Gust Lock

We use a small gust lock that fixes the center stick. It is made from two 3/4 X 3/4 X 9 in. L pieces and a short segment cut from 2 in. ID tubing. The tubing segment is riveted to the L pieces. The inside of the tubing piece is covered with neoprene so that the lock does not damage the paint of the control stick. One of the L pieces has a sliding 1 X 1 X 1 in. block made from L material. The block is attached by an AN3 bolt and nut. Finally, a 1/4 in. pin, about 4 1/2 in. long, is used.

The gust lock is installed as follows. The lock is placed into the channel formed by the two L brackets attached to the main spar and holding the bearing of the control stick tube. Next the pin is inserted. It goes through the two L pieces of the gust lock and the two L brackets. Finally, the block is pushed down and thus presses the tips of the L pieces against the L brackets. This holds the gust lock firmly in place.