Design Improvements for the Zenith 601 HDS: Power Supply for Bose Headsets

Power Supply for Bose Headsets

Bose headsets have doubled the joy of flying. They reduce the noise so drastically that it is quieter than in a commercial jet. Conversation with copilot and radio communications are crystal clear. We have the version requiring a 9 Volt battery, which lasts maybe 20 hours. This is not long, and it is not nice if the battery fails in flight. Instead, we use a 12VDC-9VDC converter to reduce the 12-14V produced by the alternator to about 9.4V. Thus,no battery is needed.

The converter is powered up when the Avionics switch is turned. This avoids voltage spikes for the headsets.

Of course, we could have bought the Bose headsets with special plugs for plane-supplied power. But those sets cannot be used in other airplanes unless the unusual Bose receptacle has been installed. By our arrangement, the headsets can be used in other airplanes by simply inserting 9 Volt batteries and using the conventional headset connectors.