Application Procedure:

Applications are considered for our graduate (MS or PhD) level CyberCorp: Scholarship for Service (SFS) scholarship program. Apply by April 15, 2022 for Fall 2022 consideration.

UT Dallas students planning to pursue a BS+MS fast track dual degree (where the MS degree needs to be in computer science) can also apply for scholarships to support their BS+MS dual degree. Students who are not yet in the fast track program but qualify for Fall 2022 start are also eligible to apply. Fast track students should be at most six long semesters away from their MS graduation date starting Fall 2022 semester (need to graduate latest in Spring 2025).

Students completing their BS degrees elsewhere can apply for supporting their two year MS degree in computer science at UT Dallas.

PhD students can apply to support the last three years of their PhD studies in computer science at UT Dallas.

Strong candidates joining the MS in Cybersecurity, Technology, and Policy program will also be considered for scholarships.

Interested students are strongly advised to contact/meet Dr. Kamil Sarac ( before they submit their application material.

Please submit the following documents as your application material:

  1. Official transcripts from higher education institutions attended so far.
  2. Resume
  3. Three reference letters presenting an evaluation of academic (or professional) performance and potential for pursuing a graduate degree. At least two letters should be from faculty members of academic institutions
  4. A personal statement discussing your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree in computer science and your motivation for working for the Government.

Please send all the required documents to:

Dr. Kamil Sarac
Department of Computer Science, EC 31
University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75080

Electronic copies can be sent to Questions about the application process or about the scholarship program can be sent to

Eligibility Requirements:

The program is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents only. For undergrad students, you must be either already admitted to the fast track program or should be eligible to join the fast track program for Fall 2022 start. For graduate students, you must be either admitted to a graduate degree program (MS or PhD) or will be admitted for Fall 2022 start. Scholarship durations:

  1. For MS students, for two year MS education.
  2. For BS+MS fast track students, for the last six long semesters of your BS+MS dual degree education.
  3. For PhD students, for the last three years of your PhD education.

Minimum GPA is 3.2/4.0. CS scholarship students are required to complete the curriculum requirements of an MS in CS in the Information Assurance track during their studies in the program.