CS4390 - Computer Networks
Summer 2009


Catalog Description:

CS 4390 Computer Networks: (3 semester hours) The design and analysis of computer networks. Topics include: the ISO reference model, transmission media, medium-access protocols, LANs, data link protocols, routing, congestion control, internetworking, and connection management. Prerequisite: CS/SE 4345. (3-0) S


Course Objectives:

This course is an introductory course on computer networks. Using the Internet as a vehicle, this course introduces the underlying concepts and principles of modern computer networks with emphasis on protocols, architectures, and implementation issues. The main goal of this course is to understand layering in computer networks, understand different protocol stacks (OSI and TCP/IP), understand functions and protocols within a layer, understand how layers fit together and finally understand how the Internet works. In addition, you will also experience with (i) writing simple network applications and (ii) learning exactly what is going on inside the Internet by looking at frames/packets/segments and identifying each bit.

The Class Learning Objectives are:

Ability to understand the need for and structure of the OSI, TCP/IP network models
Ability to design and evaluate methods for the framing messages in transmission media
Ability to analyze and evaluate different error detection schemes
Ability to understand and evaluate stop-and-wait, sliding window protocols
Ability to understand and evaluate multiple-access protocols
Ability to design and evaluate routing protocols
Ability to design and evaluate flow control and congestion control protocols
Ability to understand the issues in internetwork design
Ability to understand the various Internet protocols (TCP/IP)
Ability to write networking protocols

Course Syllabus

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Instructor Information:

Dr. Kamil Sarac (ksarac@utdallas.edu)
Office: ES 4.207
Phone: 972 883 2337
Office hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4:00pm - 5:00pm and by appointment at other times


Teaching Assistant:

Name:  Donghyun Kim (donghyunkim@student.utdallas.edu)

Office hours: Tuesdays/Wednesdays 8-9pm in ECSS 4.610


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