CS 4396 - Computer Networks Lab
Spring 2024

Course Information: This course aims at helping students get more insight into how the Internet works and gain hands on experience in building and configuring simple IP networks and related services.

Course Timing and Place: Friday 10:00am at ECSW 1.355

Instructor Information:
   Dr. Kamil Sarac (ksarac@utdallas.edu) 
    Office: ES 4.207 
    Phone: 972 883 2337
    Office hours: By appointment.

  Teaching Assistant: - TBA


        Course Syllabus    

        Tentative Schedule


Lab Info:

In this course, you will use GNS3 network emulator to perform the lab exercises in a virtualized environment. You can download and install all necessary software including GNS3 and a hypervisor (VirtualBox or others) on your personal computer to do the labs. Please refer to www.gns3.com web site for the hardware requirements. We will also provide a number of PCs with the necessary software installed on them in ECSS 3.217 for you to do the lab exercises.

Please refer to tentative schedule page for the outline of the labs that we will be doing during the semester. 

Before you do the labs

The labs

After the labs

Rules for using the PCs in ECSS 3.217.

What to submit with your lab report?

How is the report graded?