CS 6349 - Network Security
Fall 2023

Course Description

In this course, we will study the theoretical and practical aspects of network security. The (tentative) set of topics to be covered include:

Cryptography, authentication systems and security handshake pitfalls, Kerberos and PKI, TCP/IP Security, Security of TCP/IP Applications, Wireless security, DoS defense, and e-mail security, and (time permitting) a couple of other selected topics.

Learning Objectives:

1.      Ability to understand the basic working principles and utilities of various cryptographic algorithms including secret key cryptography, hashes and message digests, and public key algorithms

2.      Ability to understand design issues and working principles of various authentication protocols.

3.      Ability to understand the design issues and working principles of various secure communication standards including Kerberos, certificate and PKI standards, IPsec, and SSL/TLS.

4.      Ability to understand the security issues related to various TCP/IP protocols including IPsec, BGP security, VPNs, IDSes, firewalls, wireless security and anonymous routing.

5.      Ability to understand the security issues related to various TCP/IP applications including DNS, web, e-mail.

6.      Ability to understand the issues and existing solutions to various popular network security topics including WLAN security and denial-of-service (DoS) defense.

7.      Ability to use existing cryptographic utilities to build programs for secure communication.

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 Course Information:

Instructor Information:

Name: Dr. Kamil Sarac (ksarac@utdallas.edu)
Office: ES 4.207
Phone: 972 883 2337
Office hours: Monday/Wednesday at 10:00am to 11:00am and by appointment at other times.


Teaching Assistant:

Name: TBA
Office: TBA
Office Hours: TBA


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