Visual Computing Laboratory

VESTIGE - Visual Engineering for Specification, Transformation, Integration, Generation, and Evolution of digital information - indicates one of the major research activities of the group. The primary aim of this project framework is to develop visual programming and visual language technology and apply such technology to multimedia/Web authoring and presentation, software visualization, digital document interchange, and data mining. More recent foci have been on shape grammars, information visualization and generative art.

Anyone interested in my research please just drop me an email. Undergraduate research students are particularly welcome.

Current Projects

  • Logo Design (Automatic generation, and Computational evaluation).
  • Generation of Abstract Style of Images (Classification, Kandinsky, Miro, Pollock, and Moving sand pictures).
  • Visualizing Hierarchical Structures (For big data, On mobile phones, and For software engineering).
  • Visualization of Social Networks (Internet topics, Sentiment analysis, and Comparison).
  • Information Visualization (Metaphor theory, For climate changes, and Teaching).

  • Recently Completed Projects

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