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Fall 2019

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HIST 3398

Colonial Latin America


HONS 3199.HN5

Latin American Migration


HIST 6360/LATS 6300

Intro Latin American Studies


Monica A. Rankin, Ph.D.


University of Texas at Dallas

Mexican and Latin American History

School of Arts and Humanities


Office: JO 4.916

CUSLAI Office: JO 4.602

800 West Campbell Rd., JO 31
Richardson, Texas  75083-0688
Phone: (972) 883-2005
Fax: (972) 883-2989



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UTD Library


UT-Dallas M.A. in Latin American Studies


UTD Center for

U.S.-Latin American Initiatives


UTD Center for Translation Studies


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University of Nebraska Press, 2009 



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