Polymer Chemistry (undergraduate course)

CHEM 4335 Polymer Chemistry (3 semester hours) Macromolecules. Synthesis, structure, and properties of polymers. This course describes the synthesis and applications of organic polymers.

Organic Chemistry I (undergraduate course)

CHEM 2323 (CHEM 2323) Introductory Organic Chemistry I (3 semester hours).

Organic Chemistry II (undergraduate course)

CHEM 2325 (CHEM 2325) Introductory Organic Chemistry II (3 semester hours) Continuation of CHEM 2323. Methods of structure determination. Synthesis, degradation, spectroscopy.

Fluid Mechanics and Transport Processes in Biomedical Engineering (undergraduate course)

BMEN 3310 (3 semester hours).

Collegium V Honors Readings (undergraduate course)

HONS 3199 - Collegium V Honors Readings (1 semester hours) This course UNTOLDS SECRETS OF CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS.

Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering (graduate course)

MSEN 5340 - Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering (3 semester hours) This course describes characterization and mechanical properties of organic polymers.

Organic Electronics (graduate course)

CHEM 6V39 - Organic Electronics (3 semester hours) . This course is devised in three main sections:
1) Synthesis and opto-electronic properties of organic semiconductors
2) The use of organic semiconductors in optoelectronic devices
3) Organic semiconductor technologies