History 4359, Sec. 001, Fall 2006

Take Home Mid-Term

Due Thursday, October 5 to TURNITIN.com


Please answer the following question in formal essay format.  Your answer should be four to five typed pages and should answer the question completely.  See the course syllabus and the course website for information on proper writing format.  A paper copy of all essays must be turned in on October 5 by uploading to TURNITIN.com by midnight (see attached instructions).  You must make appropriate use of the textbook, lectures, outside readings, and primary documents in your essay.  The information contained in these sources should become an important part of the evidence you provide to defend your argument.  CITATIONS must be used as necessary when incorporating the above sources into your text.  You should use either MLA style (parenthetical citations) or Chicago style (footnotes) in your essay.  See my website for links to style manuals and citations guides.


Essay question:

Describe how the Spanish were able to “conquer” and consolidate colonial control over the Americas with relative ease between 1500 and 1600.  What challenges did they face and what advantages did they have?  How did the Spanish and the natives adapt to the new culture of the other?  How did each side also resist assimilation?  Overall, how successful was the period of conquest and consolidation?