Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu

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Ashbel Smith Professor of Computer Science, 

University of Texas at Dallas 

Director, UTD Data Security and Privacy Lab

Faculty Associate, Harvard University Data Privacy Lab

muratk at utdallas . edu


My research focuses on creating technologies that can efficiently extract useful information from any data without sacrificing privacy or security. I have been working on security and privacy issues raised by data mining and machine learning, privacy issues in social networks, security issues in databases, privacy issues in health care, applied cryptography for data security, risk and incentive issues in assured information sharing, use of data mining and machine learning for fraud detection, botnet detection and homeland security. Recently, I have been focusing on security, accountability and privacy issues in machine learning, and using blockchains for assured data sharing.

I am the the recipient of various awards including NSF CAREER award, the AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) 2014 Homer R Warner Award and the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) ISI (Intelligence and Security Informatics) 2017 Technical Achievement Award presented jointly by IEEE SMC and IEEE ITS societies for my research in data security and privacy. I am also a fellow of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), and IEEE, and a distinguished member of ACM.

Please visit UTD Data Security and Privacy Lab's web page for more details related to our research and publicly available software. 

In addition, please see the following interview for a summary of some of our research results. More information on cyber security related activities at UT Dallas, please see the UT Dallas Cyber Security Research and Education Institute web page.

Please also see the some of the news articles that mention our research or views on data security and privacy: Boston Globe, ABC News, GenomeWeb,  ACM News, Network World, The Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, KDAF-TV Channel 33(1)(Social network privacy related), KDAF-TV Channel 33 (2) (CyberStalking related), CBS 11 TV, Marketsforgood.org

Some of  the conferences that I am involved with.


For biographical and historical info, please see my NSF Style [CV]


Publication information, please visit the following page [Publications].


Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

        Ph.D., Computer Science, Advisor: Chris Clifton, August 2005

        Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, May 2005.

METU Ankara, Turkey

B.S., Computer Engineering with Minor in Finance, June 2000


For information on courses that I teach, please visit the following web page  [Teaching]

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Vibha Chandramouli Belavadi (co-advised by Prof. Thuraisingham)
  • Mestan Celik Firat
  • Harsh Bimal Desai
  • Mustafa Safa Ozdayi
  • Chengen Wang


I had chance to work with many talented students over the years. Please visit the following page for Alumni information [Alumni].