Nanda Kumar

Ph.D., Chicago

Professor of Marketing
Naveen Jindal School of Management, SM 32
UT Dallas
Richardson, TX 75080

Phone: (972) 883 6426


Ph.D., Management Science, University of Chicago
M.S., Computer Science, University of Maryland
B.Engg. (First Class), Computer Science & Technology, University of Calcutta, India


Awards & Honors

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas, 2003

Honorable Mention Davidson Award, 2003 (for article published in Journal of Retailing, 2001)

Fellow, Doctoral Consortium at Universityof Cincinnati, 1997

Fellowship, University of Chicago

Research & Teaching Assistant, University of Maryland, 1991-1992

National Talent Scholarship, NCERT, India, 1983-1990

Published Research

Effective Category Management Depends on the Role of the Category (2001), with Sanjay Dhar and Steve Hoch (Lead Article, Journal of Retailing, v77, n2, pp. 165-84)

Effectiveness of Trade Promotions: Analyzing the Determinants of Retail Pass-Through (2001), with Abel Jeuland and Surendra Rajiv, (Lead Research Article, Marketing Science, v20, n4, pp. 382-404)

Comment on Revisiting Dynamic Duopoly with Consumer Switching Costs (2004), with Eric Anderson and Surendra Rajiv, Journal of Economic Theory, 116, pp. 177-186

Using Basket Composition Data for Intelligent Supermarket Pricing (2006), with Ram Rao, Marketing Science, v25, n2, pp. 188-199

On Manufacturer's Complementing the Traditional Retail Channel with a Direct Online Channel (2006), with Ranran Ruan, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, v4, n3, pp. 289-323

On Customized Goods, Standard Goods and Competition (2006), with Niladri Syam, Marketing Science, v25, n5, pp. 525-537

Price Competition with Repeat, Loyal Buyers (2007), with Eric Anderson, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 5 (13)

Private Label Vendor Selection in a Supply Chain: Quality and Clientele Effects (2010), with Suresh Radhakrishnan and Ram C. Rao, Journal of Retailing, v86, n2, June 2010, pp. 148-58

Pricing Models for Online Advertising: CPM versus CPC (2012), with Kursad Asdemir and Varghese S. Jacob, Information Systems Research, v23, n3, Part 1 of 2, September 2012, pp. 804-822

Content Provision Strategies in the Presence of Content Piracy (2012), with Monica Johar and Vijay Mookerjee, Information Systems Research, v23, n3, Part 2 of 2, September 2012, pp. 960-975

Consumer Stockpiling and Competitive Promotional Strategies, with Manish Gangwar and Ram C. Rao (2014), Marketing Science, v33, n1, pp. 94-113

Price Matching Guarantees with Endogenous Consumer Search, with Juncai Jiang and Brian T. Ratchford, forthcoming Management Science

Product Line Bundling: Why Airlines Bundle High-End While Hotels Bundle Low-End, with Steven M. Shugan, Jihwan Moon and Qiaoni Shi, forthcoming Marketing Science

Emerging Trends in Product Bundling: Investigating Consumer Choice and Firm Behavior, with Vithala R. Rao, Gary Russell, Hemant Bhargava, Alan Cooke, Tim Derdenger, Hwang Kim, Irwin Lewin, Yu Ma, Nitin Mehta, John Pracejus and R. Venkatesh, forthcoming Customer Needs and Solutions

Editorial Service

Editorial Board, Marketing Science

Editorial Board, Review of Marketing Science

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Marketing Research

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Marketing

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Management Science

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Retailing

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Annals of Operations Research

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Operations Research

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Information Systems Research

Ad Hoc Reviewer, Canadian Journal of Administrative Science

Ad Hoc Reviewer, International Journal of Research in Marketing

Doctoral Supervision

Ranran Ruan (Marketing), Co-Chaired with Prof. Ram Rao, Fall 2002

Hasan Cavusoglu (MIS), Co-Chaired with Prof. Rajiv Banker, Summer 2003

Hurrem Yilmaz (Marketing), Summer 2003

Kursad Asdemir (MIS), Co-Chaired with Prof. Varghese Jacob, Spring 2004

Manish Gangwar (Marketing), Co-Chaired with Prof. Ram Rao, Summer 2009

David Richardson (Marketing), Co-Chaired with Prof. Ram Rao, Summer 2011


Database Marketing (MKT 6223)

Marketing Management (MKT 6301)



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