Database Marketing (MKT 6223)

Monday 6-10pm, SOM 2.117

Instructor: Dr. Nanda Kumar

Course Description

The last two decades have witnessed a tremendous explosion in ways that firms use to track consumer behavior.This was aided considerably by the precipitous fall in the price of electronic storage media as well as computing power.Despite access to valuable data on purchase behavior and consumer characteristics, very few firms actually condition their strategies on the data they have.This may be attributed to at least two factors.First, firms now have so much information that it is often very costly for them to get to the data that can be meaningfully used to devise their strategies.Second, many firms just donít know what to do with the data.

The course addresses both these issues. The course will introduce students to analytical techniques that will assist in data reduction and consumer segmentation.Additional techniques to uncover the characteristics of the different consumer segments will be developed.The latter half of the course will apply these techniques to some marketing problems Ė devising communication strategies, catalog marketing etc.

While the thrust of the course will be in developing analytical techniques that will eventually aid managers in devising strategies, the course will require students to work with different data sets and estimate various models with a software package such as SAS.The Unix/Windows version of SAS is available on the university computers and all registered students will have access to this version.In addition, PC based versions of the software may be purchased at a student discount

Prerequisites: None


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