CS 8V02: Convex Optimization

Fall 2015

Course Info

Where: SLC 1.204
When: T, 4:00pm-6:00pm

Instructor: Nicholas Ruozzi
Grading: You must attend the seminar and present at least once during the semester.

Schedule of Presentations

Date Presenter Topic Readings
Aug. 25 - Organizational Meeting Boyd, Ch. 1
Sep. 1 Nicholas Ruozzi Background and Convex Sets Boyd, Ch. 2
Sep. 8 Travis Goodwin Convex Functions Boyd, Ch. 3
Sep. 15 Jing Lu Convex Optimization Boyd, Ch. 4
Sep. 22 Prasanna Kothalkar Duality & KKT Conditions Boyd, Ch. 5
Sep. 29 Swarup Chandra Gradient Descent & Newton's Method Boyd, Ch. 9